We want to hear your 2 cents: A letter from TPEPost General Manager Adam Zientarski

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2011 was an amazing year. Trish Brown and myself did not even have the idea for TPEPost until August and we are happy that it has grown so quickly in relatively little time. 2012 will bring many improvements to TPEPost, including TPETV, our new video show that will feature interviews with celebrities and other influential figures, as well as stories on inspirational, everyday people.

And that’s who this publication is for. Everyday people. The weight of the everyday man’s word has severely decreased and it needs to be restored. We have made it our duty to keep the everyday man, woman, and child’s best interest in mind. We have made it our duty to display the news as objectively as possible and to publish what the readers want to see. This publication is as much yours as it is mine.

With that being said, I want to personally invite anyone with passion and an opinion to write for the post. We want to hear your 2 cents on any topic you see fit. Who knows, your article may even end up on the front page. Find out how you can do that here.

Thanks and I wish you a prosperous 2012.


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