Two Myths Keeping You From Healthy Joints

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Let’s face it…

Those nagging reminders of growing older are no fun, whether it’s that aching back, those creaky knees, those stiff and painful fingers, or that “hitch in your git-along”…

All that “wear and tear” endured by your body’s 230 joints over the years often starts catching up with you by the age of 40 or 50.

And you’re not alone. A staggering 21 million American adults suffer from these common but painful joint concerns, which can make it difficult to perform everyday activities like climbing stairs, cleaning house, even opening a jar… or put a stop to enjoyable pastimes like golfing, traveling, or playing with the grandkids.

But what if I were to reveal to you the two myths that are keeping you from healthy joints and were to reveal that following just three simple steps may help you avoid or minimize the soreness, stiffness, grinding, popping, and limitation of movement in your joints?

You may say “impossible,” but a renowned holistic medical doctor from Bloomfield, Mich., wants you to know his secrets to “age-proofing” and saving your joints.

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Isn’t it high time for you to stop living with joint pain and stiffness day after day? Fortunately, Dr. David Brownstein has devised a simple and natural three-pronged approach to help soothe and comfort your body’s joints and connective tissues.

He discusses his findings in a newly-released FREE video presentation outlining his best proven strategies to help you prevent, manage, even reverse these nagging joint concerns.

Please don’t procrastinate on this, because I’m not sure how long this free video will be available. I’d hate for you to miss out on all this good information and Dr. Brownstein’s simple tips.

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You’ve nothing to lose — except those aches and pains.

Yours in Health,

Ryan Clement
Health Director, Medix Health

P.S. Which of your joint symptoms would you like to significantly reduce or improve in just 30 days? Watch this FREE video now to see how to really tame your joint concerns — before they continue to creep up on you…

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