Protect Federal Support for Rare Diseases

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Courtesy of UMDF Advocacy


Congress returned to business this week and no doubt you have been hearing in the media about the “financial cliff” that is looming. Our nation is in a countdown to devastating budget cuts that will go into effect for NIH, FDA and other government agencies on January 1 if Congress doesn’t take action to resolve the budget impasse.
These across-the-board budget cuts of 8.2% would have a major impact on rare disease research funded by NIH and the review of potential new therapies at FDA. They would mean the loss of $2.5 billion from NIH’s $30 billion medical research budget. And they could significantly reduce NIH’s ability to promote innovation in areas such as translational research to bridge the gap between basic research and treatments for patients.
The cuts would also slice $319 million from FDA’s budget and force the agency to undergo major staff reductions, leading to much slower drug reviews and approvals. They would stall implementation of many of the important rare disease provisions in the FDA Safety and Innovation Act.

In the UMDF Action Center, you will see “Sequestration“.  Click on the link and you’ll find a basic letter we have prepared that you can send to the House and Senate.   Thank you for your help in this important matter.

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