Difference between CNA, LPN and RN programs

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By Martin Headen

There are different nursing courses offered if you want to make your career in nursing. There are various diplomas related to nursing like CNA, LPN and RN programs. We will study in detail about the basic difference between each degree. You can always use this information as one of the vital stepping stones that you may come across in your nursing profession.

Difference between LPN and RN

RN stands for Registered Nurse and LPN stands for Licensed Practical Nurse. The primary difference between the two degrees is in their tasks, practice and duties. A Registered Nurse should be a graduate in science with four year diploma in nursing program. On the other hand a LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) should be graduated with practical nursing course. RN candidates require to clear NCLEX-RN examination to become a successful RN but on the other hand a candidate can become an LPN after clearing NCLEX PN exam.

About their job responsibilities: A registered nurse need to take lot of responsibilities compared to LPN. Sometimes RN needs to supervise LPN’s. LPN are not capable to take independent decision where as RN can take. LPN work under the guidance of Doctors or RN’s.

Difference between LPN and CNA

CNA stands for Certified Nursing Assistants and LPN stands for Licensed Practical Nurse. Many students are confused between the two courses. Well, if you see the names of the course, it will indicate the difference, CNA are only certified nurse and LPN are licensed nurse. The primary difference between CNA and LPN is the type of service which they offer. A certified nurse assistant will only look after the basic requirements of the patients. Their duties include, feeding, grooming, cleaning, bathing, washing, monitoring, taking temperature and checking blood pressure. Where as a licensed practical nurse fills the medical reports of the patients, dresses the wounds, conduct minor surgeries, etc.

About their job responsibilities: A licensed practical nurse is in direct contact with the patients as compared to CNA. A licensed practical nurse can easily do the job of a CNA, where as CNA cannot perform the task of a licensed practical nurse.

Difference between RN and CNA

A RN (Registered Nurse) candidate will have 4 years diploma in nursing course whereas a CNA candidate is a few months course. Online CNA programs are also available for working students who cannot attend college regularly. A RN candidate have to pass NCLEX-RN examination to become  a registered nurse, while a certified nurse assistant should only have high school diploma to join the course.

About their job responsibilities: A CNA candidate work under the supervision of a registered nurse. Registered nurses give them training. A RN is more closely in touch with the patients. A registered nurse can perform the task of CNA whereas CNA cannot perform the task of a RN.

If you have decided to go for nursing course then you have made a correct decision. Above given information on different nursing course will give you an idea to choose from these course.

About Martin Headen

Martin Headen is a Certified Nursing Assistant through the American Red Cross and CNA Insurance Consultant. More information on certified nursing assistant http://www.cnacertifiednursingassistant.com/