Man apologizes for threat to football recruit, pledges $2,000 donation to U-M

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Here's the picture of Logan Tuley-Tillman burning his Ohio State recruiting letter. (

A Columbus, Ohio, man took to his website Thursday to apologize for putting a “bounty” out for a Michigan football recruit who posted a picture on Twitter burning his letter from Ohio State.

Harrison Watson, 22, wrote Thursday his threat — “$2,000 to whoever sidelines this kid permanently” — was meant to be a joke.

Watson now has said he will donate the $2,000 to the University of Michigan, “to be used toward increasing the already spectacular educational programs that they possess.”

Michigan commitment Logan Tuley-Tillman, a four-star offensive lineman from Illinois, burned his recruiting letter from Ohio State earlier this week, and caused an Internet uproar when he posted the photo to his Twitter account (LoganTillman).

After that, there were reported death threats, and even threatening messages to Tuley-Tillman’s mom.

Then came Watson’s Internet post.

On Thursday, he backed way off.

“I am deeply sorry for making these remarks in your direction,” Watson wrote, directing his comments to Tuley-Tillman. “I was you nothing but the absolute best in your future as a collegiate athlete and more importantly as a student at the University of Michigan.

“My remarks were not meant to offend you, but to highlight another unfortunate situation in the NFL bounty scandal. I realize now how short-sighted and foolish my tweet was.

“Ohio State University and the University of Michigan share the greatest rivalry in all of sports. The passion that I feel for my team is the same passion that Michigan fans feel for theirs. My passion for my alma mater is no excuse for my ridiculous behavior.”

Tuley-Tillman just finished his junior year of high school.

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