‘Forbes’ names Texas as most valuable college football team

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A 12-12 record on the field hasn’t stopped Texas from being the most valuable college football team in America.


Texas is expected to stay at the top of Forbes’ list of most valuable college football teams.
By Brendan Maloney, US Presswire

According to a report by Forbes, the Longhorns are valued at $129 million and holds a significant lead on No. 2 Notre Dame. The Irish are worth $112 million, the magazine said.


The criteria used to evaluate schools are based on two main factors – the revenue provided to the university and also to the other athletic department programs. Also included are the distribution of bowl revenue among conference teams and the economic impact fans of visiting opponents provide.

This is the second consecutive year Texas has been tops among football programs. And the Longhorns are likely to stay there for a long while.

The valuation by Forbes did not include the school’s $300 million deal with ESPN to air the Longhorn Network for the next 20 years.

As you might expect, the Big Ten and Southeastern Conference dominate the list. Combined they include seven of the top 10 schools and 16 of the 20 if you include Texas A&M, which joins this fall.

Penn State is third at $100 million, but could be falling due to the impact of the Jerry Sandusky.

Here is a list of the top 10:

1. Texas – $129 million
2. Notre Dame – $112 million
3. Penn State – $100 million
4. LSU – $96 million
5. Michigan – $94 million
6. Alabama – $93 million
7. Georgia – $90 million
8. Arkansas – $89 million
9. Auburn – $88 million
10. Oklahoma – $87 million

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