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(editors note I recently extended my contract with ATT and sometimes wonder why. I wish there was a cheaper alternative)
Here’s something I found out the “hard way” …. I was so excited to get my new iphone in 2009 that I hardly a second thought to a carrier change with this new technology.
Add to this excitement,  the change was to the super-companyAT&T ( the backbone of American / Global wireless network ) so I never considered the possibility of there being a service issue. This sadly was not my experience and after 18 months of unstable service and from what I could see constant excuses / avoidance from this super-company, I ported my number away from AT&T.
They didn’t seem to miss me and made no effort to explain their mediocre service or lack of follow-through … and for a while I was simply grateful to have a steady service provider.

Only after I started getting a “prorated” bill from AT&T for my past service and this “bill” get sent to a collection agency did I decide to look at my treatment by AT&T and the possible corrective avenues.

It has taken a bit of research but an easy enough complaint from with the CPUC to bring AT&T “back to the table” and for an independent / professional evaluation of this consumers experience. AT&T has never really taken what I feel is “responsibility
ty” for the incredibly high number of dropped calls, stalled text messages/ emails from my iphone but rather pointed to the finger at Apple, location and even message content to explain their network “holes”. Certainly frustrating on the consumer side but I was THRILLED to speak with the CPUC and see how helpful they could be in securing REAL answers with my concerns.
Following mailing the form back about the issues I experienced with AT&T,  CPUC set a “hearing” with AT&T and ALJ Pro Tem Ed Moldavsky downtown here in Los Angeles. Here I explained my concerns and showed how calls were dropped, and data limitation prevented my full use of the iphone. It was a process but in hindsight painless even somewhat cathartic from a consumer standpoint having dealt with a frustrating year and half or excuses from AT&T.
AT&T too attended the meeting with CPUC but really offered any “new” information, they did make a slight gesture or apology but even this felt “too little to late” in my opinion.
The CPUC regulates privately owned electric, natural gas, telecommunications, water, railroad, rail transit, and passenger transportation companies.  The CPUCserves the public interest by protecting consumers and ensuring the provision of safe, reliable utility service and infrastructure at reasonable rates, with a commitment to environmental enhancement and a healthy California economy.  We regulate utility services, stimulate innovation, and promote competitive markets, where possible.  On this website you’ll find information about the many initiatives underway at the CPUC.
I’m not sure what the outcome will be in my contacting the CPUC but I am glad to did, if ONLY to learn more about this organization and it’s very great public efforts. Please take a look at some of the ways the CPUC help us as people.
Dear CPUC Colleagues,
The massive earthquake in Haiti and its capital, Port-au-Prince, is among the worst natural disasters to strike our hemisphere in living memory.  This is a humanitarian crisis of extraordinary proportions, given the early news reports about the great numbers of those killed or missing.
The CPUC staff is known for their dedication and commitment to helping others and many have asked what we can do to support relief organizations already on the ground helping the millions of Haitian citizens who have been affected by this tragedy.  To that end, we are providing below quick links to several organizations that are in need of your support.
Over the next few days, several CPUC employees will meet to discuss and plan our response to this catastrophe.  In the meantime, we wanted you to have useful information and to know that the CPUC is anxious to help.
The CPUC joins the world community in our concern for the welfare of survivors and in grief for the untold thousands who have perished.
Paul Clanon, Executive Director CPUC


If you have questions, please contact Nika Rogers at (415) 703-1529 or
Special thanks to the CPUC’s African-American Coalition for their work on this effort.
James MacLean

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