Fall under Corsica’s spell

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To fully understand the spirit of Corsica, you need to soak up its culture, stroll through its streets and listen to its inhabitants. As the shutters open around the island, and Corsica wakes from its silence, this delightful island is ready to reveal its many secrets.
It’s true what they say – “Corsica is best discovered through its people”. Welcome to the heart of a region which stands out from the crowd.
Enthusiastic, loyal, welcoming and among the most convivial people you’ll ever meet, Corsicans are genuine in nature and love to share their passion for their homeland and their local traditions. Without exception, all Corsicans love their island passionately and will be delighted to share their knowledge of Corsica with you, bringing the island to life over a glass of wine or a meal whenever they get the chance.




By boat, its wild, varied and unique coastline has been shaped over time by the power of the sea. Its beaches, moulded by the movement of the wind, are quiet and unspoilt, each one more magical than the last.

The island’s food, its maritime traditions and much of its flavour comes from the Mediterranean.

The cradle of civilization and home to the Latin Arch, the Mediterranean has had a huge influence on Corsica’s rich, varied and fascinating culture.

There is no better way to experience this breathtaking island than aboard Bel Abri. She was created by Tim Heywood. A brand new European, ready for that 2010 Mediterranean yacht charter season, M/Y BEL ABRI will certainly frame the most unforgettable vacation you could take in 2012.

The term abri has french roots and abri means “a safe secure host to structure (refuge or shelter) giving defense against danger or harm”, so Bel Abri describes an attractive refuge – an extremely appropriate reputation for a superyacht that provides both safety and luxury exquisitely.
When British yacht designer Tim Heywood came the sleek lines from the AMELS 171, he required his inspiration in the sweeping curves of Italian sports vehicle style of the nineteen thirties. “I targeted to attain a glance which i would call ‘athletically feminine’,” he stated. “Also, I incorporated a few of the styling features that normally you’d only find on much bigger yachts. I needed the AMELS 171 to seem like an extremely grand yacht. For instance it features a fabulous 20-meter sun deck, which may not look unnatural on the 90-meter yacht.”
Yacht BEL ABRI offers generous spaces for outside entertainment, because the alfresco areas happen to be stressed around the request from the owner, having a bigger than normal Jacuzzi around the sun-deck, that is protected with a windshield. “She is perfect yacht for entertaining friends and family” says Joan Plana of World Yacht Group www.worldyachtgroup.com who specializes in customized charters for the most discriminating Hollywood A Listers. Please visit www.worldyachtgroup.com/yachtcharters and make your next voyage to the Mediterranean awe-inspiring !


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