Michigan governor expected to sign bill ending cash assistance to nearly 13,000 families

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Nearly 13,000 Michigan families will be thrown off the state’s welfare rolls, if Governor Rick Snyder signs a bill that will cap welfare for 48 months. The bill has already passed the MIchigan House and Senate as of Wednesday afternoon.

It appears the cap has split party lines with state Democrats against the bill and Republicans in support of the bill. Even child advocates are concerned citing a spike in the unemployment numbers for the state.
State Rep. Fred Durha; is calling Oct 1, the day the measure would go into affect if signed by the governor, “dooms day.”
“Children cannot make it on their own,” Durhal stated. “To disarm a parent by eliminating the ability of them to supply milk for a baby is something every member of this chamber should weigh in on.”
After his fellow Republican lawmakers snickered at his remarks Durhal said, “God will get you, if you don’t do the right thing.
Republicans made it clear that food stamps, Medicaid and child care payments will continue.
Rep Kenneth Horn stated, “This should be a strong statement for Michigan residents that (cash assistance) will not be a lifestyle.”
Trish Brown

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