World gone mad terrorism and the internet

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By Danny Sawicki

INTERNET TERRORIn the wake of the terrible Boston bomb tragedy I believe more government scrutiny should be levied against internet users domestic and abroad.

Unscrupulous “surfers” should be treated like pedophiles that surf child porn sites.

Unless you are in the bomb business legally, whether it be demolition, excavating or another credible business, you have no business being on the internet looking up “how to make a bomb”, and you should be investigated just like a pedophile.

Many would say that this would be another case of big brother government infringing on our rights.  Terrorism, whether domestic or international is not going away, and it is getting worse.  Something must be done and I think a greater government presence should be more prevalent over the internet. I’d rather have my rights infringed upon rather than having an arm or leg blown off or worse yet getting killed by a bomb.  As for our rights being infringed upon, as my Daddy says, “if you are not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about”.

Government intelligence has the means to investigate questionable activity over the internet.


Again, the pedophile. Many of these dirt bags get busted because of internet activities. Many slip thru. However, many are discouraged   from using the internet from fear of getting busted.

I think the same could be done with terrorist activities on the internet.  If there were more government intelligence investigating internet bomb activity, maybe bombing and massacres could be minimized.

I know government intelligence does scrutinize suspicious activities over the internet especially abroad. However, I believe it should be accelerated and increased, especially in the domestic area.

If you need to raise taxes to fund more internet surveillance, DO IT. If you need to hire more agents to monitor the internet, DO IT!

Things are getting out of hand. This is ridiculous, when will it end?  Extreme measures must be enacted.

Some may say what about guns?  How about more scrutiny on gun owners?  Guns are legal. We use them for hunting, target, sport and protection.  However, if someone is surfing the internet looking for ways to “ kill a lot of people with a gun” they should be investigated and dealt with accordingly.

You might say that if someone wants to make a bomb or kill multiple people they can learn how to do it by buying a book or going to the library.  That may be true, but I think in these multimedia times and age, the internet is a hot bed for domestic and international terrorist technologies and ideas and I believe it should be monitored more closely.

Many of these terrorist techniques and ideas are being learned and brewed on the internet.


Al Qaeda proved that by posting “recipes to make bombs” on the internet over the years.

I’m not saying the perpetrator of the Boston bombing learned his ideas and techniques over the internet.  However, many cases of terrorism and massacres left many clues by the perpetrator on the internet.

Some nut job surfing the internet on “how to make a bomb” has no business doing that and should be investigated, don’t you agree?

Danny Sawicki

Danny Sawicki

About Danny Sawicki

Danny Sawicki is the Associate Editor of “The Detroit Postal Worker”, and a free-lance writer covering outdoor, sports, music and legislative issues. Contact him at