Whitney Houston almost had it all

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    Whitney Houston almost had it all



We all go through life comparing ourselves to others, and when Whitney Houston first came onto the music scene 30 years ago, so many said, “That’s just not fair. Look at her, she’s beautiful, she has a God-given voice to sing, a mother and family members who adore her, and now she has money and fame.”

A few days ago, when a crowd of 1,500 packed the Newark, NJ church where Whitney sang long before becoming the idol and diva known to the world, we all said, “This just isn’t fair. She ‘s beautiful,  has a God-given voice to sing, a mother, daughter, friends and fans who love her, and all that money and fame.”

Life just isn’t fair, is it?

Whitney's casket

No it isn’t and as a recovering prescription drug abuser with almost two years of sobriety,  my first reaction was, “How on Earth am I going to make it, if Whitney Houston couldn’t?

Since then many other addicts and family members of addicts I have shared the same sentiment to me.  A few have said, “Why would this happen with all the money she has?”

One that hit home for me, and a question I pondered was, “How can I make it, when I have no family, and I lost my children four years ago, and most of my friends dating back to elementary school have pulled away too.”

So as many would talk of the loving family, the fame, beauty and talent Whitney had, I found myself struggling to find the answer. And as all of us recovering addicts know, it is a day-by-day battle and sometimes an hour-by-hour battle as the stress of life is upon us.

Whitney Houston


So after almost a week from the day Whitney Houston died, I realized the answer to forever and sustainable sobriety.  And to top it off and by no coincidence, one of Whitney’s first hit songs almost 30 years ago, led me to that answer.

If you want to save yourself, and maintain the control that sobriety will give you, then you must love yourself more than anything, including family, friends, fans, wealth, beauty, and talent.


You have to love all of you.  From the moment drugs or alcohol are an issue the only way out is to first commit to a program that will allow you to recover physically, and then you have to work on becoming a person who you can love. Kind of like the man in the mirror philosophy.  You can run away from your troubles, but you can’t run away from you. Even drugs or alcohol won’t allow you to escape yourself.


The song that brought this to mind was Whitney Houston’s hit in the 1980s, The Greatest Love of All., where she sings, “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.”


In the end, and we all are going to have one, we leave the Earth with no family, no friends, no talent, no world possessions and no adoring fans. We leave on our own. So love yourself and for those who have a loved one or friend who is an addict…love the addicts in your life.


Trish Brown

About Trish Brown

Trish Brown was a news reporter and editor, a former school board president, the founder of Communication Concepts a PR firm in the Detroit area, and founder of all TPE entities www.TPEMultiMedia.com, www.TPEPost.com, and www.TippingPointEducation.com. She has worked with the Osmonds and other celebs while trying to advance education in the k-12 and post-secondary arenas.