Recent murders spark outrage from TPE columnist

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By Glenn Peppers

I cant help but speak out on the murder of Jordan Davis, a 17-year old boy shot to death in Florida, by Michael David Dunn at a gas station, while sitting in the back sear of an SUV where the assailant claimed the music was being played too loud. How do we come to grips with realities like this?

And folks have the nerve to ask me “why are you so dead set focused on writing about the various social shortcomings and modes of intolerance in our midst, on the internet and on broadcast mediums?” I think it is because first off, I’ve always been partial to issues of race and diversity being black, and raised during the civil rights and black power movement? Living smack dap in the middle of that struggle, I cannot help that I am from an era of protest and resolve that spoke its mind… I am a child of the 1960’s; and I’m definitely not one to sit back and let issues drag anyone (myself especially) back to a place where we were once tormented because of an imposed plight and condition of life. Moments ago, I just watched a news clip from renowned Journalist Melissa Harris-Perry; and as always, she nailed her commentary to the wall, pretty much saying it all; but if you know me, you know that I may not be rich, but I sure as heck will always have my two cents to contribute, so here I go!

From what I’ve been observing, with all of these shootings of unarmed African American boys, This is starting to boil down to one core source… Fear! This whole thing is based in a FEAR mindset that is so locked and ingrained in this country’s outlook on the Black Male, that it has inflicted a clear and direct stereotyped image, even more so upon todays Black Youth than in anytime in our modern history, here in this country! I’ve seen this happen since I was a kid in the 1960′s. The fear factors and infused Hate Prompters have been set in place and instilled into our thought patterns long ago. The Divide and Conquer virus was implanted many decades ago as well! It is almost set in stone that “If you are black, and you are wearing this, and looking like that, or acting like this, or walking like that; even if you’re standing like this, or driving around in that, you could be listening to this, and playing that a bit too loudly, then if you do, you must be one of those Thugs I read hear and see them talking about on the news… everyday!”

This infusion of fear into white society in portraying black males in such a light that (either outright or subliminally through media/rumors/urban legends/stereotypes, and various other conditioning tactics have poisoned generations) tells some whites that they should be afraid of them (again, preferably black youth), has fueled a strange justification here of late for just blowing anyone away who makes you feel uncomfortable from just simply Looks Alone! If this is the underlying meaning of “Stand your Ground,” then we need to go back to the Conceal and Carry groundwork design table and get a few things straight! First off, Stand your Ground does not signify, or apply to only “White Males with a Charles Bronson charged, Vigilante Frame of Mind!” Secondly, what the heck is going on in Florida? I’m no sociologist but, somethings not right in the Sunshine State ya’ll, I’m sorry!

To date, I haven’t heard one case yet where a young white male drives up to a gas station in a nice car/SUV, etc, blasting Def Leopard or some Ozzy Osbourne at top volume, and getting shot 8 times for fear that his rock T-Shirted Friends sitting in the backseat had what was thought to be a suspected gun barrel sticking out of a darkened window! Then of course, heaven help the poor black man (old or young) who ever does happen to shoot a white youth at a gas station in plain view, who is listening to Def Leopard at high volume, in the back seat of a van, at a gas station… shot 8 times; and then assailant takes the notion to flee the scene afterwards. If caught, or say the man had the nerve to turn himself in, I’d say his life wouldn’t be worth a plug nickel!

Still, it appears to me that there is something more going on with all this than meets the eye. So my question is this: “Why are these men allowed to get away with these outlandish crimes other than to create a heated theater of tension and FEAR among the ranks?” I sense a keenly plotted Divid Scheme imparted among the many peoples of the United States, using racial violence as its base. A scheme that is driving the many sectors of an already frazzled society farther and farther apart. But Why? If the penal system prosecutes these overzealous CPL/Licensed Gun Owners, who now feel oh so empowered with their shiny new handguns on their hip to fullest extent of the law; maybe the next Charles Bronson wannabe will think twice about blowing some kid away!

Maybe the next guy who has an itching to shoot some black guy simply because he is afraid of him will understand that, a CPL is not a 007 License to Kill, Neighborhood Watch does not mean Junior Tactical Unit Reserve, and Stand your Ground could actually get you life in prison! The Fearful CPL gun owner should know how it feels to aim, shoot and kill anyone wearing a hooded sweatshirt, and holding a volume control knob between their finger tips, before they ever go to a gun range! I think that a CPL holder should have to visit the morgue first before getting their License! The new CPL holder should be reminded that the hooded sweatshirt you’re shooting at, has a face. One of whom you may not be able to see. They have to know that these are real live people! Not paper targets, or ballistic gel practice target dummies like on those cable Gun Reality Shows!

The person you murder out of blind fear alone are someone’s son, uncles brothers, husbands and fathers even. Fact of the matter is, you just don’t go around shooting people just because you feel threatened by the way they look, or if they are doing something that annoys you! They annoy you? Sue them! Better yet, ignore them! Anything but end their life in a loud smoky gunpowder haze of gunfire! Eight rounds let off into a back seat of a car, killing a person of whom you really couldn’t see. That was done out of FEAR! Any way you cut it, and try to justify it, Killing anyone just because you’re afraid of them is murder!

These men (Michael David Dunn and George Zimmerman) should be judged strictly on the crimes that they’ve been accused of in a court of law, and not exonerated on slick lawyering or eleventh hour technicalities. For if these trials are done fairly, presenting all the evidence, I am convinced that justice would be fairly served — I’m sure of it! Yet somehow I sense this won’t happen. My Spidey senses tell me that a more dastardly resolve is behind all this. Here’s a thought!… What if all this is designed to anger, and incite a massive race war within our already smoldering, poverty stricken, drug infested, very much on edge FEARFUL, over the top society? I’m sure you’ve heard this whole thing before. So I’ll only ask you to do this only once… Think about it? As smart Americans, should we not all look deeper than the anger we feel about these issues to find a deeper meaning, and solution to this sad sad problem?


Glenn Peppers

About Glenn Peppers

Glenn Peppers, is an author of a helpful hints book entitled, “The Home Husband Companion.” It is a collection of funny stories and true-life wisdom from a lifetime of experience and southern prudence. I’ve spent 25 years as a Project and Program Assistant within the Traumatically Brain Injured community. My travel experiences, and skills as an artist, writer, and musician and amateur historian has only added to my skills as an author and freelance writer.