Press secretary remembers Detroit radio personality

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Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and radio talk show host of 1200 WCHB Angelo B. Henderson

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and radio talk show host of 1200 WCHB Angelo B. Henderson

Still in shock beyond words, really, that Angelo Henderson is no longer with us. We arrived in Detroit at about the same time to do the same thing: write about small business and minority business development for the newspaper. He was at the News; I was at the Free Press. We were friendly competitors.

Everyone will remember Angelo for his enthusiasm, his sense of humor, and his bond with the people of Detroit. But what stands out for me is how he melded his profession and his faith. Before he became an ordained minister, he got in the habit of beginning every public statement with the words, “Giving honor to God, who is the head of my life . . . ” It felt a bit over the top, but I figured — that’s Angelo! Before long, he began writing for the Wall Street Journal, and not long after that, he was collecting a Pulitzer Prize — as good as it gets in the field of journalism. I was already a believer, but the connection between faith and success — in one’s career and in life — became much clearer after that.

Angelo’s life was too short, but it was one well lived.

Anthony Neely

About Anthony Neely

Anthony Neely is a professional writer who offers ghostwriting, speechwriting and other editorial services to corporate, government and nonprofit clients as founder and president of Executive Edge Communications LLC. Neely is currently developing and marketing biographies of top business, political and community leaders, with upcoming books involving the dramatic careers of John W. Barfield, founder of The Bartech Group, and Walt Douglas, co-owner of Avis Ford. The projects fit Neely's background as a business journalist, which included work at the Cincinnati Enquirer, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Detroit Free Press and other publications. Neely was an executive speechwriter at General Motors Corp. (2004-08), and served as former Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer's press secretary and chief speechwriter (1996-2001) and former press secretary for Detroit Mayor David Bing. Neely also was a spokesman and speechwriter for interim Detroit Mayor Ken Cockrel Jr., early in 2009. Neely earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of Cincinnati and a Master of Arts degree in Journalism and Public Affairs from American University in Washington, D.C.