Morning thought – Treyvon Martin

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By Thomas White

Treyvon Martin

I am truly saddened about the death of young Trayvon Martin.  It has more to do with his unnecessary death then it does with what may have caused it.  Racism is not new in this country. Yet it is only old to those of us blessed enough to grow older not the child who has never really witnessed it. In a country where violent deaths happen so often that it generally doesn’t even make to front page news, though pissed off, I am just beyond being surprised.

What gets me is the “Aftermath”. Everybody want’s to throw on hoodies all over the damn country as if the hoodie prevented the shooter from knowing that this was a black kid…IT DIDN’T. So people are now saying “we’ve had enough” bring on Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, The New Black Panther Party, and all the other groups that show up only when they think something is newsworthy. Mainly they only appear when this type of crime happens to blacks by someone outside the black race!

Where are all the marchers and activist when this type of thing is happening everyday in the black community? Black kids being shot down…by other Blacks, The Black elderly being beat up, raped and robbed…by other Blacks, Young Black Women being burnt up in the trunk of cars…by other Blacks, Black babies being killed over cell phones and Jordan gymshoes…by other Blacks, I can go on and on but I think you get the point. If in fact we’re going to march, let’s march on the sick mentality of the country that keep trying to hide the pass with palm trees, video games, and new ghetto’s dressed up with fancy names an electronic gate and a temporary gate guard instead of addressing the problems that lead to this kind of tragic outcome.

I am more surprised at the crimes committed on my own people by my people then I am by a scared racist with a gun for history has shown me that he doesn’t give a damn about us, Yet the present is showing me that we will except needless crime raining down on us as long as it’s by us and not him!

About Thomas White

Born in Detroit Michigan now resides in Jacksonville Fl., Retired U.S Navy Veteran (Aviation Electrician), BS degree (Business Management) University of Phoenix , Hobbies: Creative writing/Songwriter/Poetry, Freelance Writer, Basketball and Boxing, Study of Ancient History, and Mentoring to the youth.