Morally Bankrupt

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By Jim Dean

I’ll be blunt: This right-wing idea that we’re going to cut Medicare while extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich is morally bankrupt.

Our country can’t afford these tax cuts and our seniors can’t afford to live without vital programs like Medicare — especially when the economy is still recovering. Medicare keeps millions of seniors out of poverty every year, allowing them to get at least the basic medical care they need.

This is a right-wing assault on America’s social safety net and we need your help to stop it cold.

Can you chip in $10 right now to help fuel the campaign to protect Medicare?

George Bush’s tax cuts for the rich wiped out record surpluses built by President Clinton and didn’t create one new job in the eight years President Bush was in the White House. But listening to Republicans today, you’d think that vital programs like Medicare are solely responsible for our budget woes. They’re lying — and they know it.

The Congressional Budget Office reports that Republican cuts to Medicare — like those outlined in the Ryan plan — would do little to shrink the deficit.

President Obama and Democrats hold all the cards here. We need them to stand strong and debunk the Republican lies and spin.

Stand up to the right-wing assault on Medicare — Please contribute $10 right now.

Thank you for everything you do.

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