Letter to to the editor

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By Russ Feingold

We’ve seen an explosion of big money in our political process, since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision two years ago. That decision gave corporations and the super rich a green light to spend unlimited amounts of money to try and buy our democracy. It’s outrageous.

We’ve fought back before, and we have to fight back again. While in the Senate, I helped bridge the political divide in Washington to end “soft money,” a process that allowed corporations and big money to try to corrupt our political process with unlimited contributions to the parties. I partnered with Sen. John McCain, and together, with the McCain-Feingold law, we closed the door to these corrupt practices.

Unfortunately, with the Citizens United decision, the Supreme Court gutted 100 years of settled law underlying our reforms. But now we have an opportunity to change that reckless decision.

Will you join me and Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock on Tuesday, May 1 for a DFA Live where you’ll get the inside scoop on what we can do — together — to overturn Citizens United and stand up for common sense campaign finance laws?

Steve and I, along with folks all across the country, understand that big money and Super PACs have no place in politics. We simply cannot allow unlimited corporate spending to taint our political process any longer. It’s against the very nature of democracy.

Join me Tuesday, May 1 to take our country back — and end the corrupting influence of big business on our political process.

Patricia, the road to overturn Citizens United may be long, but with enough of us working together, we will send a clear message that we the people do have a voice. Besides, that’s what democracy is all about.

Join me.

- Russ

Russ Feingold

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