Even today racism is no surprise

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By Thomas White

It’s hard to understand today why people are so surprised at racism; written history has always shown a knack for attributing achievements falsely and the governmental policies and systems each culture fostered instilling such doctrines or beliefs of one’s race superiority over others.

In ancient wars the victor often attempted to destroy everything about its opposition except its libraries (The Real Treasure). The victor claimed that knowledge as its own, thus destroying and distorting any record of contributions to the world by the defected people, a practice which served two purposes, one it advanced the knowledge of the victor and secondly distorted and all but wiped out the contributions made to society by the loser.

These aforementioned actions are just a few of a plethora of examples which attributed to racism becoming one of the oldest, strongest and deeply rooted subliminal feelings to ever exist in mankind. People who feel the need to separate others based off of color, language, religion, or individual achievements create a sub culture blind to racial boundaries with no bases other than ignorance, fueled by lack of understanding, intolerance, discrimination and ultimately hatred.
They lose sight of the reality that there’s but one race, the human race and become merely people connected by one negative trait; the belief that they are not equal but better than their fellowman.


About Thomas White

Born in Detroit Michigan now resides in Jacksonville Fl., Retired U.S Navy Veteran (Aviation Electrician), BS degree (Business Management) University of Phoenix , Hobbies: Creative writing/Songwriter/Poetry, Freelance Writer, Basketball and Boxing, Study of Ancient History, and Mentoring to the youth.