Endless Opportunities

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By Collin Mays

“Changing the world, one person at a time”

Endless Opportunities is a emerging not-for-profit organization geared towardinvesting into our communities through educational, mentoring, and diverse community outreach projects. Endless Opportunities was founded by Alvin J. Hills IV and Tanell Thomas, both are Western Michigan University Alumni and first generation minority college students. While pursuing undergraduate coursework at WMU, Alvin and Tanell wanted to take the knowledge and skill they have earned to create an organization of their own. Both founders are inner-city youth of Grand Rapids, Michigan and have creatively used their hardships and experience to impact the world in a positive way.

Their inaugural event was their Annual Back to School Haircut and School Supply Giveaway, providing over 115 youth with free haircuts and school supplies. These haircuts were on a first come first serves basis in Grand Rapids for any youth grade K-12 to receive a free haircut to start their new school year off fresh. “The confidence a young man receives from a clean and fresh cut is one of a kind.”, expressed by Alvin. Endless Opportunities seeks to inspire and encourage our communities through service and engagement. “I also want to provide young minorities with a positive role model within their community.” said Alvin. Alvin expresses that growing up without a positive influence makes you extremely vulnerable to poor decision-making and seeks to provide guidance to any youth in search of assistance. Endless Opportunities visions exactly what its name expresses, the mindset and belief that endless opportunities are out there for everyone to claim.



Alvin Hills and Tanell Thomas

Mentorship is a valuable asset to achieving success in any field. We seek to provide all mentees with a fitting and committed mentors within their communities. Mentors are accepted on volunteer basis and have to undergo an  application process as well. “Mentoring young people today could be seen as one of the most essential tools to help with character development and goal orientation.” Said Alvin. He believes both the mentor and mentee benefit extremely and encourage more young adult mentors to become involved.

As Endless Opportunities is currently in process of obtaining their 501 (c)(3), they still believe there is no reason to wait on impacting the world in a positive manner. Endless Opportunities has been funded personally through organization members, as well numerous private donors who believe in the mission of the organization. One thing is for sure with both Alvin Hills and Tanell Thomas at the helm Endless Opportunities is sure to be a success.

To learn more information on Endless Opportunities visit their website at www.endlessopportunities.org or Facebook at Endless Opportunities. If you would like to contact Alvin J Hills IV personally, he is accessible via email at ahills@endlessopportunities.org

Collin Mays

About Collin Mays

Collin Mays is Co Host of Life in the D which airs on Saturday mornings at 8am on 1200am. He is a past President of the College Democrats at Western Michigan University and the former Political Affairs Chairman of the student association. He is the first African American to hold both positions. He is the author of How to become the Ultimate Networker while in College which is due out in early spring of 2013. Contact: mayscollinf@gmail.com