ECONOMIC RECOVERY: Join us in “Putting Americans Back to Work”

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By Trish Brown – TPE Post Publisher

If the United States expects to recover economically, then this year’s presidential election circus better focus heavily on education and building the workforce for tomorrow. More specifically, inner cities within each state must have a more educated populous.

At Tipping Point Education, we believe the success will only come if the federal government allocates more dollars to K-12 and higher education … mostly community colleges. The role of a community college has never been more important than it is today.

Nearly half of our federal budget is Medicare, Medicaid and social security and another 20 percent is spent on our military. The rest is considered incidental spending and listed in the incidental category is education.

We spend almost $50,000 a year to house a prisoner and less than $8,000 a year to educate a student. Frederick Douglas said it best when he said, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

Parents and students are outraged at the cost of any post-secondary education and the rising tuition rates are staggering.

What most people don’t know is that tuition is just a small portion of funding community colleges receive.  In fact, tuition accounts for approximately 20 percent of most community college budgets.


GETTING INVOLVED: and the will begin assessing each and every community college in the State of Michigan and then across the nation. We will then assemble panels made up of educators, students, parents, business leaders, media, and political leaders to discuss education and the TPE Campaign Putting Americans Back to Work.

With student loan debt toppling credit card debt, we can’t continue to fund education on the backs of students, or education employees. The real issue with community colleges across the country is tied to local property taxes, the numbers of foreclosures, properties removed from tax rolls, fallen property values, and the rising costs of healthcare for employees – and being stuck in union contracts negotiated in the last five years that reflect 1998 property values and 2006 employee expenditures.  The federal government pays far too little toward all education in the United States.

TPE will lead the way in holding everyone accountable for putting our country back together, and we invite you to join us in the campaign beginning today.  We need writers, and people interested in becoming involved in changing our country. You are invited to submit letters to the editor or articles for consideration.  We also invite you to join us on Twitter @TB101163 @TippingPointEdu and on Facebook pages Tipping Point Education, Trish Brown TPE, TPE Post and on the website.  We will be building TPE Radio and Television and together we will provide hope, and opportunity.

Trish Brown founder of & publisher

The time is now and as Mother Teresa said, “Do not wait for leaders. Do it alone person to person.”


Trish Brown

About Trish Brown

Trish Brown was a news reporter and editor, a former school board president, the founder of Communication Concepts a PR firm in the Detroit area, and founder of all TPE entities,, and She has worked with the Osmonds and other celebs while trying to advance education in the k-12 and post-secondary arenas.