Don’t be quick to judge

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"Glee" star Cory Monteith was found dead July 13, 2013 in a Vancouver hotel room. overdosed on heroin and alcohol. He was 31.

“Glee” star Cory Monteith was found dead July 13, 2013 in a Vancouver hotel room. overdosed on heroin and alcohol. He was 31.

I was saddened to see a fellow Facebook follower attack Cory Monteith for using drugs and to compare it to the death of a family member who passed away from a terminal illness, but equate Monteith’s life to garbage.

What many people don’t understand about those who abuse and or are addicted to drugs is that they don’t love themselves. They have been through so much death of their soul and they don’t know how to fix it and they turn to drugs or alcohol. Whitney Houston had fame, fortune, family and friends, but did not have enough love for herself.

I didn’t love myself until about 18 months ago, when I was a little more than 18 months off prescription drugs that almost killed me, and cost me my partner of 28 years and my two daughters. I will most likely never see them again. I didn’t try to kill myself, and I wasn’t throwing my life away, but I didn’t know how to stop the pain in my soul. I’m thankful I decided to get off all meds in 2010, and had the courage to go to detox.

But stopping the drugs was only the first step. I needed to find out why I took them in the first place, and all of my doctors were aware of my drugs as they were given to me after a diagnosis of MS in 1989. But in 2011, I was un-diagnosed even though six neurologists claimed I had MS.

Please don’t be so quick to judge people and their struggle. Judging a person who already doesn’t love themselves isn’t going to make it better. Expecting things from them they aren’t capable of giving simply isn’t fair, and just because someone has fame and fortune, and appears on TV, doesn’t mean they should be helping the world, when they can’t even help themselves.

Lastly, Cory Monteith had people left behind who loved him as much as anyone else who may have lost a loved one to terminal illness. Love and respect everyone’s plight and don’t be so quick to judge. Being a drug addict or losing a loved one to illness gives no one a license to be disrespectful. No one!

Trish Brown

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Trish Brown was a news reporter and editor, a former school board president, the founder of Communication Concepts a PR firm in the Detroit area, and founder of all TPE entities,, and She has worked with the Osmonds and other celebs while trying to advance education in the k-12 and post-secondary arenas.