Detroit news anchor named TPE Hero

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TPE Hero of the Month November 2013

If there is an official list for good role models or those committed to community service and giving back, Detroit WXYZ Channel 7 New Anchor, Vic Faust would be on it.

Faust’s dedication to the Metro Detroit area community is the reason he has been named TPE Hero of the Month for November 2013.  TPE is a national education foundation that supports education and workforce development efforts to sustain and grow the middle class as well as supporting small and large businesses with public relations efforts and campaigns to promote education and economic development.

“Some people make a living by what they get ,and other’s do so by what they give, and Vic Faust is one who likes to give,” said Trish Brown, publisher of the and founder of  “I’ve seen Vic’s commitment to our area’s youth and disadvantage over the years in several news stories on Channel 7, but what always stood out was his sincere heart while giving back, and he’s a great example to many youth who are disadvantage and youth who come from families that are of means.

Vic Faust reads to kids at an elementary school.

Vic Faust reads to kids at an elementary school.

“When someone is doing things right, it’s right to make mention of it,” Brown added. “He doesn’t take his job in the public eye lightly, and he knows along with it comes a responsibility, and while he is doing this many young people are watching. He’s doing things right.”

Many people think of their local news personalities as having always had great jobs and great lives, but for Faust that wasn’t the case at all. The weekday morning news anchor, who has been in the Detroit area since 2004, was born to teenage parents in St. Louis, and he credits a lot of family members for helping them make it. “A 17-year-old mom is all I have to say,” Faust said. “It took a lot of family members to help out.”

Faust, who for five years, was the second-chair sportscaster behind Channel 7 legend, Don Shane, loved sports and was so good at football that he received a scholarship to attend and play football at the University of Missouri. While there he received a degree in interdisciplinary studies and later another degree in broadcasting, where he found a very successful career.

Prior to joining channel 7 in 2004, Faust worked at KQTV in St. Joseph, MO, KMIZ in Columbia, MO and KOKI in Tulsa, OK as a Sports Director/Anchor. He began his broadcasting career as a color-commentator on the Missouri Tiger Radio Network, following a 4-year football career as a Tiger.

A love for Detroit has grown in Faust’s heart, and he can’t see himself or his family living anywhere else. Faust and his wife, Jennifer, who met at University of Missouri, have three children and they have a home in Novi, MI.

Vic Faust and his wife, Jennifer, and their three kids.

Vic Faust and his wife, Jennifer, and their three kids.

“When I came for my interview at Channel 7, I saw diversity here that I didn’t see in any other place in the country,” Faust said. “Though we loved the area and the diversity, 2004 was one of the worst winters, and at first we hated it here, but now we love it and it is home.”

These days Faust arrives at the studio between 3:30 and 3:45 a.m.

“Every job has it’s pros and cons, but I get to be a storyteller and inform people on a variety of subjects that they are counting on, “Faust said. “Once you get there in the morning, you do know you have a responsibility.”

Some of the organizations Faust is involved with include:
St. Vincent DePaul
Beyond Basics
Serving on the Board of Holy Trinity of Apostolate of Siena School
Children’s Leukemia Foundation
Calling All Angels

Another area Faust supports is education. When asked what schools can do better he said, “We have to push kids. Kids have to want to do this.”

TPE Hero of the Month November 2013

TPE Hero of the Month November 2013

He also believes teachers are saddled with too many kids in the classroom and not enough funding.

This month, Faust will make seven appearances around town to help various organizations. “We are public figures, and when people ask us to come out, we do our best to be there,” he added.

Toni Rogers

About Toni Rogers

Toni Rogers was hired to do all the graphic design work for TPE, but it was soon evident she had many talents as an administrator and she was just named General Manager of all TPE entities including TippingPointEducation, and TPEMultiMedia. “As TPE has grown so fast, we realized we needed someone to oversee administrative duties who had a really good organizational mind and was also good with people,” said Trish Brown, president of TPEMultiMedia. “Toni oversaw the skating program at the University of Denver with hundreds involved, and she is extremely gifted in keeping things on track.” A busy mom of two by day, ice skating coach by night and day, Rogers has been in the graphic design and multimedia business for more than 10 years, and has been the art director of TPE MultiMedia since July of 2013. Rogers and husband, Zach, recently moved back to Michigan, after several years in Colorado where she worked at the University of Denver’s Performing Arts Marketing Department and as the director of skating for the university. Prior to leaving MIchigan, she worked for Domino’s Pizza and Barton Malow. She has a degree in journalism from Michigan State University where she was named a Mary Gardner Scholar. While at the University of Denver overseeing the skating program, she increased the enrollment in the Learn to Skate Program, increased the revenue from a $5,000 deficit for the ice show to the ice show making $10,000 in three years. She also quadrupled the size of the skating program that was facilitated at the country club in three years. When not designing for her business and TPE, Rogers can be found chasing her two young children and their new puppy all about town and sometimes even on skates as an instructor for young children learning to ice skate in Farmington Hills and Canton.