Your Product Has a Story, Simple Story Videos Helps you Tell It

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(Courtesy of TNW)

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We get loads of pitches here at TNW. One of the determining factors between a good one and a bad one is how much information is included. Sometimes a great video can tell all the story that you need to get an overview of a product, and Simple Story Videos is out to make them easy and affordable.

Started by a marketer and a Web designer based in Ottawa, Simple Story Videos is a sub-brand of a design shop known as Netgen. Chris Beaudoin, the business development lead for SSV tells me that the company was started when the opportunity was spotted to help startups market themselves. The concept? Simple is better.

We’ll often times see videos that are 5 or 7 minutes long, explaining every detailed feature of a product. Product makers do this because they want you to know everything that there is to know, but it often times muddies the waters instead of producing a clear, succinct message. That’s why it’s important to go to a third-party source, because companies like SSV will see your product as your users do, instead of how you do.

The simplicity that you see in the SSV demo video is carried to its clients. As Beaudoin tells me, “our story lines are simple, but strategically thought out, and our videos are as short as possible so that we keep viewers engaged.” With animations ranging from fully-custom to simple sticks, there’s a wide variety of options for the tellers of your story, too.

SSV has seen success from smaller startups, and has recently started working with products such as VMWare, Citrix and Shopify. Pricing isn’t disclosed, as it appears to run on a fully case-by-case basis, but there’s an easy quote form to find out what a Simple Story Video production will cost you.

We’ve seen similar offerings in the past, from sites such as DemoDuck, but this is a world where competition will prove to be a motivator. It forces all players to provide better products at more competitive pricing, and that’s something that any startup can appreciate.

Do yourself a favor. If you’re at the point where you’re ready to get customers, get a video done for your product. Simple Story Videos is producing compelling, actionable content, and definitely needs to be on your radar.



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