World Teachers’ Day – October 5th

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(Courtesy of NEA)

Celebrate World Teachers’ Day

This year, on 5 October, World Teachers’ Day will be celebrated around the world around the theme of “Teachers for gender equality“. The day commemorates the signing of the 1966 and 1997 UNESCO Recommendations on the Status of Teachers and Higher Education Teaching Personnel.

We invite you to take part in the celebration of the teaching profession and the promotion of gender equality. Click here for the official website.

How can you participate?

Send an e-card on the World Teachers’ Day website,

Join us on Twitter with the #wtd2011 hashtag,

Upload a photo of your favorite educator to our Flickr page,

Download a World Teachers’ Day poster

Organise events around the theme. Take photos of your events and upload them onto the World Teachers’ Day website.

On the Move for Gender Equity

Maria Teresa Cabrera, the first female president of the Dominican Teacher’s Union is an example of how the Latin America Project on Equality with a Gender Perspective strengthens unions and builds capacity in achieving quality education for all.

Download our Pay Equity toolkit. Education International has prepared a toolkit to help you advocate for gender equality in the teaching profession, particularly equal pay for work of equal value. The kit consists of a template press release and letter to your government, as well as a briefing note on ILO Conventions and the most important facts about pay equity. You can download the toolkit here.

Tell world leaders and intergovernmental organisations about the situation of gender equality and the teaching profession in your country by joining UNESCO’s online discussions. Your participation will certainly give them a realistic vision of the state of the teaching profession and gender issues in your country!


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