Who’s praying for America?

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Everyone must be a leader

“Who’s praying for America” Poster design by TPE Art Director – Jeffery Taylor

By: Trish Brown

Publisher TPEPost.com

Almost eleven years ago, the United States and most of the wealthiest countries in the world, were brought to their knees as a result of the 9-11 attacks on the US.

Today, the US and other countries are still trying to steady themselves amidst a world economy that has made life difficult, and different.

The TPEPost.com has turned to one reason many in the world differ, and many in the world are the same, and that is whether or not they believe in God.

Even though it may not be the same God or the same religion, most religions use prayer to seek spiritual answers, and most practitioners of many religions do so through prayer.

So it is with that very dependence on prayer we ask: Who’s praying for America?

Anyone who has traveled via a commercial airline knows, if you are traveling with a small child, and the plane loses cabin pressure and the oxygen masks fall, you first place a mask on yourself and then the child.

America is the adult in the world, and if we don’t take care of ourselves first and our own first, the world will falter.  That’s a pretty big burden.

Mother Teresa said, “Do not wait for leaders. Do it yourself, from one to another.”

How big a role does prayer play?

Tonight we launch a series of articles concerning this topic and our first contributors are all spiritual people.  Two are Christian clergy, and one is a spiritual healer.

We encourage our readers to write an article, or submit a letter to the editor or simply leave comments on Twitter and Facebook.  Anyone who wishes to submit an article or letter to the editor should send it to TippingPointEdu@gmail.com






Trish Brown

About Trish Brown

Trish Brown was a news reporter and editor, a former school board president, the founder of Communication Concepts a PR firm in the Detroit area, and founder of all TPE entities www.TPEMultiMedia.com, www.TPEPost.com, and www.TippingPointEducation.com. She has worked with the Osmonds and other celebs while trying to advance education in the k-12 and post-secondary arenas.