What i found in the trash

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By Jason

“Lost Detroit” poster design by TPE Art Director – Jeffery A. Taylor

Well i tell you what after i left yesterday begun to look though the trash agin welll i have found alot of stuff digging though the dumsters in my day gold change dollars winnig lotto tickets movies cds shoes soap even enough to bulid a hole house or to put a car back to gether but what i found yesterday was the coolest i dont know if its real or not but it looks cool kinda althentick has woodrow wilson on it and the numbers a00020113a seris 1934 it says its a gold certificate says this is to certify that there is on deposit in the tersury of at the bottom the united states of america one

milion dollrs in gold payable to bearer on demand as aauthorized by law cat read the sinutries one gold certificate has a g  on the back is indepedences hall also says this certificate is leagel tender in the amount thereof in payment of all debts and dues public and private well if it is real can you come get me so i can find my friends ill give it to you i just want to see my little buddies agin i found two other bills them little guys might like there kinda funny looking if not whqat the hell good is a million dollars if you stink and dont have any friends to share it with if it is i would like to get a house and satay there so every one nows im alright and werwe im at ill do what ever i agreed too thanks Richard my friends told me this was gonna happen now were they at man life sucks with no friends jason fehrenbach ill be sleeping next to the freeway of of wayne road right across from my brothers old apartment the entanes ramp


Jason Fehrenbach

About Jason Fehrenbach

Jason, 29, homeless and Lost Detroit homeless writer TPEPost.com