Wages Could go up in 2012 — But no More Than 2 Percent, so don’t expect a big raise

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(Courtesy of MI Live.com)

Economists at BNA, an analytical group owned by Bloomberg, says you might get a raise in 2012.

According to the group’s fourth quarter wage trend indicator, salaries in the fourth quarter of 2011 are rising for the sixth quarter in a row.

“The latest wage trend indicator is signaling that improvements in the labor markets will put upward pressure on wages in the coming months,” economist Kathryn Kobe, a consultant to BNA on the wage trend indicator, said in a statement.

Annual wage growth for private sector workers as a whole is not expected to exceed 2  percent, but that’s up from 1.7 percent year-over-year gain reported for the third quarter by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Next year looks more promising. “Right now, we’ve still got mixed economic news and an extra layer of uncertainty because of the European debt turmoil,” Kobe said.

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