Uh Huh Her Thrown Off Homophobic Airline

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(Courtesy of SUPAJAM)

The two halves of Uh Huh Her – Leisha Hailey and Camila Grey – are dating. This is hard enough to do in a band environment (although it has produced some great albums over the years), without homophobic airlines getting in the way. However, they claim they were thrown off a Southwest Airlines plane after sharing a kiss, and were told it was a “family airline”, as if their staff were in some sort of nineteenth century hole where gays can’t have families.

The duo have now issued a statement: “We want to make it clear we were not making out or creating any kind of spectacle of ourselves, it was one modest kiss… We are responsible adult women who walk through the world with dignity. We were simply being affectionate like any normal couple… No matter how quietly homophobia is whispered, it doesn’t make it any less loud. You can’t whisper hate. We ask this airline to teach their employees to not discriminate against any couple, ever, regardless of their own beliefs.”

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