Resurgence. Is Detroit experiencing a comeback?

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Detroit’s downtown is undergoing a grand resurgence. It’s not hard to see why. For a big city, rents are affordable. There’s a lot of vibrancy downtown these days. Even though Detroit has a whole has been bleeding population for some time, downtown has actually seen a 59% increase of young professionals moving in over the last 10 years. There’s a great mixture of new and old architecture that simultaneously reminds us of its past and points the way towards the future.

It’s precisely this mixture that makes the Detroit skyline so unique. There are a lot of details present in this panoramic. Starting at the left is the Ambassador Bridge, the busiest international crossing in the country, and ironically where you go south to get to Canada. Approaching the river bank you can see the Detroit Princess cruise ship, lit up for its nighttime activities. This particular night the River Days festival was in full swing, making the riverwalk area all around the Renaissance Center a light show all its own. Moving through Greektown and to the right the glow of field lights from a Tigers baseball game at Comerica Bank finish lighting up the night sky. Even though this was captured on a summer night, haze was remarkably low helping add to the clarity of this picture.

This panoramic was created by combining three separate images into one. This allows the details to clearly come out and makes it possible to print on a large scale without compromise. The art paper used in printing is a textured watercolor archival paper, which adds incredible depth and richness to show the colors in this photo. (Please note the posted picture is very low resolution to aid in web loading times – the actual file used for printing is 83mb to retain full resolution)

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Used with permission from Chris Horner

Chris Horner

About Chris Horner

Chris Horner is an award winning freelance photographer based in Charlotte, North Carolina. He specializes in fine art images and commercial photography.