Raise the person to raise the whole

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By Nada Crystal

When I hear Praying for America my mind instantly goes to one word… individuality. The status of a whole solely depends up the persons making up that whole. To make a long story not so long,  if America is to stand any chance at change then the order of how the universe works must be restored. What do I mean? Glad you asked. Universe, Mother Nature, Gaia operates in a flowing pattern,  it operates using opposites to create beauty.

They only way to truely understand this ones level of consciousness must elevate. One sign of raising of ones mind is taking responsibility of their reality because they created it! Furthermore also knowing that they possess the power to change it at anytime. Once the individual mindset is raised then those like minded join together near and far to assist others that are willing and ready to elevate their mindsets.

There is no way anyone should expect a different result doing the same thing! Bottom line everything in existence is energy based including our realities caused by thought which are, you guessed right, energy!

This isn’t about politics or government, race, ethnicity, foreign or domestic its about an individual responsibility. Once we change ourselves then we attract a new reality. That’s the way universe works you attract what you are. In order for America to wake up you must wake up.

Ghadhi said it best, “Be the change you want to see”. I humbly concur

Nada Crystal

About Nada Crystal

Nada Crystal has been on a spiritual journey that has permanently changed her perception re: the awareness, understanding and respect of Self and the Reality. Nada has been called by some, a spiritual midwife, intuitive adviser, and a healer using the art of words. Her understanding of the woman’s influence, strength and abilities as the co-creators of all nations has also been deeply clarified and embraced through her personal trials and struggles on the path of embracing her authentic Self. Nada strives to teach women about gaining personal strength through self -empowerment. She is currently completing her first book and also the Founder/Guide of The Temple of She healing arts practice.