Apple Retail Stores to Shutter Wednesday for Steve Jobs Celebration

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(Courtesy of Apple Insider)

Apple on Wednesday will pause retail store operations in the U.S. for three hours to pay tribute to Steve Jobs and allow employees to watch a live broadcast of a celebration to take place at the company’s headquarters during the same time.

The celebration of Jobs’s life will be run from 10 AM PT to 11.30 AM PT at the outdoor amphitheater on Apple’s Cupertino, Calif. campus. Retail stores in California are reportedly declining online bookings for Wednesday morning in view of the memorial service.

Meanwhile, Apple employees in Asia and Australia will be able to watch a re-broadcast of the event at a latter date.

Apple’s company-wide celebration follows a memorial for Jobs that took place on Sunday at Stanford Memorial Church and was attended by family, friends, artists, political figures and technology leaders.

Jobs passed away at age 56 on Oct. 5 after a long bout with cancer, a day after the company announced the iPhone 4S.


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