Nearly 1,700 motorists arrested for suspected drunken driving

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A motorist is tested for drunk driving.

A motorist is tested for drunk driving.

Los Angeles County law enforcement officers have arrested nearly 1,700 motorists on suspicion of intoxicated driving during the last 15 days as part of an annual holiday crackdown, authorities reported Saturday.

The total is a slight increase over last year, when there were 1,600 arrests on suspicion of drunken or drugged driving made between Dec. 13 and Dec. 28, authorities said.

The crackdown, known as the “Avoid the 100″ campaign, includes dozens of checkpoints and 200 “saturation” police and sheriff’s patrols throughout the county.

One hundred law enforcement agencies are participating in the campaign, and the patrols will continue through New Year’s Day, authorities said.

Courtesy of Los Angeles Times

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