Museum allegedly denies lesbian moms family membership

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Courtesy of The Los Angeles Times

Karen Lee-Duffell in an interview with First Coast News.

Karen Lee-Duffell in an interview with First Coast News.

A Florida museum denied a lesbian couple the family membership price it affords heterosexual couples, according to reports.

The Hands On Children’s Museum in Jacksonville allegedly refused to give Karen Lee-Duffell the standard family rate, which costs $49.50, after a staff member saw two women’s names under “mom and dad” on the application.

“She says, ‘Oh wait no, you’re going to have pay an extra $10 to add this other mom — you can’t have two moms,’” Lee-Duffell told First Coast News.

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“It really just feels like a punch in the gut,” she the mother of two, adding that she’d held a membership for three years.

The museum’s director released a statement to First Coast News stating the memberships are “very specific” and “do not allow substitutions.”

The price discrepancy has caused a social media stir. A Facebook page popped up, which received 1,400 likes in three days, calling for users to boycott the museum.

And an online petition opposing the membership policy has gathered more than 2,000 signatures.

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