Kraft confirms Velveeta shortage, a.k.a. cheesepocalypse

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Kraft Foods has confirmed a Velveeta shortage, saying it's caused by seasonal demand and "minor manufacturing challenges."

Kraft Foods has confirmed a Velveeta shortage, saying it’s caused by seasonal demand and “minor manufacturing challenges.”

Attention, Velveeta lovers: The cheesepocalypse is real. Kraft Foods has confirmed recent reports of a Velveeta shortage.

Kraft posted a statement on its Tumblr thanking Velveeta fans for their support during this difficult time.

“As you have likely seen or heard by now on social networks and major media outlets, there is currently limited availability of some Velveeta products in many stores nationwide. We want you to hear directly from us that it’s true — we are experiencing a temporary scarcity of our nation’s most precious commodity: Liquid Gold.”

A Kraft spokesperson told The Times in an email that the shortage was caused by “minor manufacturing challenges” and amplified by the seasonal demand.

“This most likely would have gone unnoticed any other time of year,” the spokesperson said. “This is really a short-term situation that is more noticeable during our current period of increased seasonal demand.”

Rumors of a possible shortage surfaced Tuesday after a few stores on the East Coast reported running out of Velveeta.

In its Tumblr post, the denies that the shortage is a publicity stunt and promises to make it up to fans in the coming weeks.

Courtesy of Los Angeles Times

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