Journalists, newsmakers react to Mike Wallace’s passing

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Courtesy of CBS News

Journalists nationwide hailed the passing of legendary investigative reporter Mike Wallace.

“He loved being Mike Wallace. He loved the fact that if he showed up for an interview, it made people nervous. … He knew, and he knew that everybody else knew, that he was going to get to the truth. And that’s what motivated him.”
- CBS News chairman and “60 Minutes” executive producer Jeff Fager.

“His extraordinary contribution as a broadcaster is immeasurable and he has been a force within the television industry throughout its existence. His loss will be felt by all of us at CBS.”
- CBS Corp. President and CEO Leslie Moonves.

“Mike was a great friend and a mentor to me. He even gave me a compliment once, and he was one of the real pioneers in television journalism.”
- “Face the Nation” host Bob Schieffer.


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“Wallace took to heart the old reporter’s pledge to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”
- “60 Minutes” correspondent Morley Safer, in an essay about Wallace.

“I don’t recall anybody ever saying to me, `He took a cheap shot’ or `he did the obvious,’ or that he was, you know, was playing some kind of game. He actually was trying to serve the audience and that’s what made him great.”
- Fox News Channel Chairman Roger Ailes.

“Every Sunday night, America tuned in to see what questions he would ask and who would be exposed to his hard-charging quest for the truth. Mike’s tough questioning inspired generations of journalists.”
- ABC News President Ben Sherwood.

Tough questions are being asked in Heaven today. RIP Mike Wallace
– Ann Curry, via Twitter

“There is one thing that Mike can do better than anybody else: With an angelic smile, he can ask a question that would get anyone else smashed in the face.”
- the late Harry Reasoner

“My heart is broken today over the death of my dear friend Mike Wallace. My parents introduced me to Mike more than 75 years ago and we’ve been fast friends ever since. … Mike was an old school journalist and one of the most astute people I’ve ever met. The news business will be a different place now, and our lives will be forever changed for having known him.”
- Former first lady Nancy Reagan

“My experience with Mike Wallace – integrity, charm, character. A great one goes home.”
- GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney

“Mike was a giant in news reporting and analysis. His investigative reporting was legendary and his participation in ’60 Minutes’ helped created a lasting institution. Mike Wallace’s life created a legacy young reporters will study for years to come. The Wallace family is in our prayers this Easter Sunday.”
- Newt Gingrich, Republican presidential candidate and former Speaker of the House

“A true original. What an amazing career and remarkable man.”
- CNN correspondent Anderson Cooper

“Mike’s energy and nerve paced everyone at ‘Sixty Minutes.’ His was the defining spirit of the show. He bounded through the halls with joy at the prospect of the new, the true, the unexpected.”
- ABC News anchor and former “60 Minutes” correspondent Diane Sawyer

“Mike Wallace was a dear & wonderful friend. Not just a great broadcaster, but a great guy. We will never see his likes again.”
- Former CNN host Larry King

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