Gang leader pulls gun on TPE publisher

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Trish Brown and her assistant Joe Muzzin

(LA, California) – TPEPost publisher, Trish Brown, is fine today, after encountering a street thug who pulled a gun on her and her assistant, Joseph Muzzin, at an LA In and Out Burger.

Brown and Muzzin went inside the burger chain in Inglewood, CA, because of an extremely long line in the drive thru.  While eating, Muzzin noticed the three men near Brown’s rental car.  Then another restaurant patron told Brown one was sitting on the hood of the SUV.  Muzzin also saw one of the three men on the hood.

Brown used the remote to make sure the car was locked and they looked to the restaurant, briefly got off hood but stayed leaning against the vehicle. Less than five minutes later, the same man was sitting on the hood. Brown again used the key remote to lock the doors.

Trish Brown outside the Ellen Degeneres studio

A few minutes later the three thugs came into the restaurant. One approached Brown and Muzzin and sat down near them and told Brown he didn’t appreciate her not showing him respect.

Brown looked at him, and told Muzzin not to look at him.

“I stared at him without blinking and then he showed me his gun,” Brown said. “I slowly placed my hand on the small of my back, a common place to carry a gun, and continued to stare without blinking.”

After less than a minute, he got up and walked away with the other two teens with him, but stayed in the restaurant.

Brown and Muzzin left the restaurant about five minutes later.

The three teenagers who pulled the gun on Trish Brown

“I know the so-called gang mentality from years of being a reporter, Brown added. “if I had shown fear, he most likely would have shot me, and Joe (Muzzin) and possibly others in the restaurant. I’m glad it ended without anyone harmed.”

Trish at Warner Bros Learning Network

Brown, a national education advocate, who resides in MI, was in LA for meetings and events, and to see Muzzin complete a marathon in San Diego last Sunday.

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