Ford CEO Alan Mulally leads with heart, named TPEPost Hero of the Month June 2014

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Kevin Orr who? Alan Mulally is the true turn-a-round man in Detroit.

Mulally is the man responsible for Ford Motor Company’s return to profitability and focus on a shared vision of producing the best cars possible for the masses.

For his service to Ford Motor Company and the positive impact he has had on Detroit, has named Alan Mulally TPEPost Hero of the Month for June 2014.

“Alan Mullally played a big part in saving Detroit,” said Trish Brown, publisher of “His leadership will always be a part of saving one of the greatest American industries.”

Mulally was named CEO of Ford Motor Company in 2006, the same year the company was projected to lose $17 billion dollars. He took many steps to help guide Ford onto the path to profitability, but none was gutsier than mortgaging Ford’s assets and future on a $23.6 billion dollar loan from Goldman Sachs, Citi Group, and JP Morgan.

Other moves made by Mulally included selling off several of Ford’s recent acquisitions in 2007 like Hertz and Jaguar. Some expert analyses suggest that if Ford waited to sell these entities, they may have been impossible to sell until the recession passed.

Mulally’s business savvy saved Ford from joining General Motors and Chrysler in bankruptcy and the eventual government bailout.

His leadership style also evolved Ford’s culture by teaching Ford manager’s to work together and admit when operations are not performing well.

“What I have learned is the power of a compelling vision, a comprehensive strategy, a relentless implementation process, and talented people working together based on those commitments,” Mulally explained.

Before Mulally accepted the position at Ford, he worked as an engineer at Boeing. At Boeing Mulally held many engineering and management positions.

His most impressive engineering achievement at Boeing was the Boeing 757 and 767 design team. The planes were the first commercial airlines to feature a fully digitized dashboard.

Some journalists and experts are speculating that Mulally could be tapped to help Microsoft shake it’s battered reputation. Others have him pegged as accepting a high level position in President Obama’s cabinet.

But no matter where Mulally lands when his time at Ford expires at the end of June, he is poised to change lives and inspire for generations to come.

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