Does prayer work…Should we pray at all?

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By Richard Kroll Jr.

I guess we should start out with the question behind the question before we attempt to answer if prayer works:  “Is there a God?”

You are walking through the woods and come across a beautiful solid gold watch.  Is the first thing that comes to your mind, “Oh my gosh!  Look what has grown here in this forest.”  Or do we rather simply understand that something that complex and beautiful had to have a “designer” or “creator”?

The same can be said about the earth, the moon, the stars, us, the universe.  Did it simply happen by chance or was it designed and created?

When it comes to anything which one cannot prove beyond the shadow of doubt, and since no of us were there when the universe came into being, it will require faith.  Everyone has a religion, even atheists have a religion or belief system; and it too requires faith.

Since I believe there is a God and since I am writing this article, I am going to lean on my faith that there is a God to propose some things for us to think about.  With that said, I’d like to ask another question of you.

If there is a God.  And if He created all this.  He would have to be very powerful, wouldn’t He?

Some say a God who could create a universe is all powerful.  They even propose that He is all knowing and present everywhere- Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient for the theologians out there.

For the sake of this argument, let’s just go with just Omnipotent, or all powerful (at least powerful enough to pay for the gas to get this universe party started for the Big Bang theorists).  Which now begs at least two more questions.

Is this all powerful God good?  And what does He want?

I mean, if you were locked in a room with a 900lb gorilla, those two very same questions would be the logical ones to ask, wouldn’t they?   “Is he good?  What does he want?”

Well, a God capable of creation would be much more impactful than being locked in a room with a gorilla, don’t you agree?  So is God good?  And what does He want?

I suppose that you will have to come to your own conclusions as they apply to your life, but for the sake of our discussion here today, I would like to propose two things.  Again, these proposals are based on my own limited experience and my own personal faith, but they are still germane to our discussion today.

We better hope that God is good, or else we have no hope!  But, both my experience and my research of the last 25 years have proven, to me anyway, that he is indeed good.

And what does He want.  Again, from both my experience and my limited research, He simply wants a relationship with us.  I could go into the concept of a perfect Being needing nothing from imperfect creatures which He created.  But I won’t.

I will refer to historical evidence of times when others have had a relationship with God.  Adam and Eve in the Garden of Paradise used to walk in the cool of the day with Him.  Abraham had discussions with God.  Moses had personal interaction with him on top of a mountain.  King David spoke with God in his tent.  There are other examples, but for the sake of time, what did God want when he met with these men?  Just time together- relationship

When Jesus walked the earth, what did He want?  Simply to meet people in their needs, to have relationship with them.  And then to pay the ultimate price to restore mankind’s relationship with His Father, through sacrificing Himself to do so.  Again, simply to provide His creation with an opportunity to have a relationship with their Designer and Creator (Father).

One simply needs to look at creation to see that God is indeed good.  The miracle of birth,, a beautiful sunset, a field of wildflowers, a thunder storm with lightening, the love and trust in a newborn’s eyes, kittens and puppies, a couple in love… to see goodness, love and hope in creation.  The Creator of that kind of universe has to be good.

And if He went out of His way to restore a way for us to have a relationship with Him through giving up His Son, one might begin to see that He is both good and simply wants what we all want- time with the ones we love.

In the next installment I’d like to explore how people of faith can ask for two completely different things-like Democrats praying to God for their candidates to win and Republicans asking the very same God for their candidate to win.  How in the world would THAT work?!?

Oh… our original question. “Does prayer work…Should we pray at all?”  Since God is good and He simply wants to have a relationship with those He loves, what do you think?

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