Dalai Lama: Same-sex marriage is OK

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Same-sex marriage is “individual business” for consenting adults, says the Dalai Lama, but the decision to legalize it is up to governments.

“If two people — a couple — really feel that way is more practical, more sort of satisfaction, both sides fully agree, then OK,” the celibate Buddhist monk told veteran radio and television talk show host Larry King in an interview set to appear on his Ora TV show on March 10.

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The Dalai Lama, 78, is in the United States this week for his latest tour, and on Thursday opened Senate proceedings with a prayer and met with lawmakers, The Washington Post reported.

In the King interview, recorded about a week ago, the religious leader condemned homophobia and bullying, while acknowledging in some countries it is “tradition” to oppose homosexuality.

The Dalai Lama didn’t give a complete green light to all forms of sexuality, however, saying people should follow their religion’s rules.

“But then for a non-believer, that is up to them. So there are different forms of sex – so long [as it is] safe, OK, and [if both people] fully agree, OK,” the Dalai Lama told King in broken English. “Bully, abuse — that’s wrong. That’s a violation of human rights.”

The Dalai Lama has lived in exile from his native Tibet since 1959, when he fled after a failed uprising. The Nobel Peace Prize winner is considered one of the most prominent leaders in Buddhism, and his views on gay marriage go against those of many predominantly Buddhist nations, which forbid such unions.

His statements to King also differ from his teachings in the past, The Telegraph in London reported. The Dalai Lama describes himself as a feminist and emphasizes progressive positions, but in one of his books, the spiritual leader did not criticize homosexuality but insisted sex should only involve “organs intended for sexual intercourse”.

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