Carlie Dearborn named TPE Hero of the Month July 2012

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When Carlie Dearborn began the Irvine California based Athena Personal Development & Coaching, she wanted to be a part of the solution, not the problem.  Athena is the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and wisdom is part of what makes Ms. Dearborn simply the best at what she does. Whereas she has helped countless individuals identify and overcome drug & alcohol addictions, her technique is time tested and proven in other areas of life as well.

Carlie enjoys sailing off the Southern California Coast where she and her husband, Ed, and their two children, live.

She understands the need and value of all-denominational counseling through her own personal experience. When she was a young girl growing up, Carlie faced many uncertainties but one thing remained clear; her desire to rise above and to make a better life for herself. The desires of betterment were not just self-oriented, Carlie embarked upon a journey that would one day make the world a better place – one person at a time.

After four years of intensive study Carlie Dearborn became a certified all-denominational, pastoral counselor. She has currently been practicing for eight years and her training covers a myriad of  important topics like;  communication, relationships, the resolution of problems, personal goal setting, grief & trauma counseling, stress management  and the basics of running a successful and productive business.

She gained extensive experience in the field of drug and alcohol intervention, detox and rehabilitation by working at a premier drug & alcohol medical detox and rehabilitation facility in Southern California.

When asked “Why pastoral counseling Dearborn?  “It moves me away from the limited psychiatric approach and into the realm of the human spirit. From this vantage point I get much better results all around.” says Carlie.

Carlie and twin sister, Karen, enjoying an afternoon of sailing

Most people can overcome the problems they face in life when permitted to identify the sources of them, whether with common problems of everyday life, or when addressing addiction/alcoholism.  Athena Personal Development and Coaching is there to provide workable solutions for relief.  Dearborn has built a tangible platform by allotting a tailor made approach to each person, for maximum recovery. Whether a client has medical, environment, traumatic problems or unforeseen life situations, her methodology is to look at each case individually, versus using a “blanket approach.”

When asked how she felt about Psychotropic medicines, Methadone and Suboxone chemical drug replacements, she shared her expertise in those areas.  “They do not solve any part of the problem, really.  They do not offer a real lasting solution. So many medications are misused into a treatment plan, merely a “band-aid”.  For example, a heroin user may be issued methadone for a detox plan.  Sure he is no longer turning to black-market substances on the streets, we hope.  But he is still endlessly addicted to highly addictive substance with no end in sight.  This cannot be considered a true detox plan. Addictive substances are not a solution for addiction.

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12 Step programs certainly offer hope and a sense community for some.  However it depicts that they are Addicts for life.  I believe each person has a choice.  And with that choice comes the potential to truly overcome addiction. A tailored treatment plan is designed for Athena clients; and they are all treated with respect and the utmost quality no matter what!

TPE hero of the month

Ms. Dearborn works with Individuals one on one, and with their families. Almost always, the family has a part in the addictive person’s life. Whether it is enabling them or doing nothing at all. Most often, professional help is necessary. Athena Personal Development & Coaching and Carlie Dearborn will always provide practical tools for the current situations their clients face in life; now and into the future.

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