Big Drop in Gas Prices

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(Courtesy of CNN)

The price of gas has dropped over the past two weeks but remains 85 cents higher than it was a year ago

(CNN) — Prices at U.S. gas pumps have dropped 12 cents over the past two weeks, according to a survey published Sunday.

The average price of a gallon of self-serve regular is now $3.54, the Lundberg Survey found. The decline follows the downward slide in crude oil prices over the same period, survey publisher Trilby Lundberg said.

If oil prices don’t jump soon, “then we haven’t seen the last of the drop,” Lundberg said. “We may have a drop of another 10 cents at retail.”

The price is still 85 cents higher than it was a year ago, however.

The Lundberg Survey tallies prices at thousands of gas stations nationwide. The latest survey was conducted Friday.

The city with the lowest average price was St. Louis, at $3.08. San Francisco had the highest, at $3.90.

Here are average prices in some other cities:

- Atlanta: $3.39

- Baltimore: $3.46

- Boston: $3.66

- Cleveland: $3.36

- Houston: $3.29

- Salt Lake City: $3.60

- Seattle: $3.85


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