Why traveling with an agent will save you money

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Travelers are learning the importance of working with agents. Intricacies in travel details can ruin an entire trip when novices make expensive mistakes. Agents are savvy in the ways to optimize every dollar for their clients. Your personal travel advocate will handle issues you might overlook.

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  • Client loyalty – Agents work for the traveler exclusively. Airlines, hotels, tour companies and transportation providers must compete to win the agent’s business for each client. Travelers save money because the agent makes wise choices to stretch every travel dollar.
  • Airline choice – Flights are the most expensive component of long trips. Travelers can rest assured that the agent’s experience offers the best combination of airlines for each destination. Airline choice can save hundreds of dollars depending on the airports and times added to the itinerary.
  • Upgrades – Travel accommodations can be improved while maximizing your frequent flyer miles. Exclusive restaurant reservations will be within reach of respected agents. Long lines will be bypassed because of the agent’s connections. Early arrival is included in international travel when the agent calls ahead to the hotel. Agents can secure these advantages without additional cost to the client.
  • Proper attire – Packing for long trips can be challenging without the guidance of an agent. Mistakes in this area can be expensive when the traveler must purchase new clothes for important events. Seasonal differences in the southern hemisphere will be anticipated under the agent’s special care. The travel budget will not be spent buying items that were forgotten.
  • Traveler needs – Seniors and children have special requirements, such as bedding and dietary options. Agents will work diligently to ensure that every member of the traveling party has exactly what is needed for health and safety. Special requests will be included because the agent is on familiar terms with staff at the hotel or resort. Travelers will not pay for these extras.
  • Clout and connections – Agents who specialize in the travel destination will be known at the various locations where the traveler will stay and eat. Working with the same people on the other end allows agents to secure privileges for clients that would be out of reach, or cost prohibitive, for most people.
  • Free extras – Champagne on arrival, free breakfast every day, free meals, free spa treatments, private concierge services and a private sanctuary are possible when the agent is working on the traveler’s behalf. All of these services can save hundreds of dollars and make the trip even more memorable.

Travel like a VIP from the moment you leave your home until you return. Each phase of your trip will be trouble free because your agent has anticipated problems that you were unaware could arise. Enjoy your fellow travelers and leave all the details to the agent.

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