What is your idea of an adventure holiday?

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By Drew Moreton

Everybody has their own idea of what an adventure holiday means to them. For some it may simply be having the freedom to explore the great outdoors at a leisurely pace, whereas for others it could mean the thrill and excitement of indulging in extreme sports. Whatever your idea of adventure, it is easy to find it in the U.S.

Where to Go

The first decision to be made is which part of this huge country to head for, which may prove to be difficult! California is a very popular choice throughout the year and Florida is a long-standing family favorite. For lovers of nature, Yellowstone National Park or the Grand Canyon could be sights not to be missed and for those who enjoy themes there is the cowboy state of Arizona.

Peace, Quiet and Education

For those who prefer the peace and quiet of nature combined with learning about America’s history, the East Coast is a popular destination. It is liberally sprinkled with historic sights and monuments like the Smithsonian complex, which is the biggest museum in the world and features nineteen separate museums as well as nine world-class research centres. Washington DC offers acres of beautiful parkland as well as the opportunity to tour the White House, climb the Washington Monument and visit the Presidential Memorials.

For a bit of novelty Hershey Town is certainly worth a visit. There is Chocolate Town with everything in it being themed on chocolate of course, with numerous interactive challenges to take part in as well as a theme park for thrill-seekers.


For adrenaline junkies of all ages, there are literally hundreds of activity holidays from which to choose, in locations all over the USA. Those who do not mind the cold should try Alaska, the ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’, featuring some of the most beautiful and unspoilt natural landscape in the world. Alaska also offers some of the most exciting activity holidays that feature unique opportunities like ice
climbing, glacier walking, white water rafting and bear viewing.

For the more warm blooded, there are opportunities to try almost every extreme sport imaginable somewhere in the USA. Those not fixed on traveling to a specific location could choose by activity and make the location a surprise.

Holiday Budget

Adventure tours are not necessarily a cheap option, but there are ways to reduce the cost or to maximize the time needed to save up. Firstly, it is important to ‘shop around’ and research a variety of tour operators. By doing so, some great savings can be made.

If you have money already put by or a credit card with a good interest rate, seeking out last-minute deals can mean getting up to 30% discount on an organized trip. Naturally, you will need to have some flexibility in terms of destination and travel dates if you go for this option.

If you are booking a few months ahead, many tour operators will only require a 10% (usually non-refundable) deposit to make a booking with the balance being payable around eight weeks before departure. Some tour operators can also arrange flights on the same basis, again leaving time to save up the balance.

About Drew Moreton

Drew Moreton writes regularly on adventure tours in the United States for a range of holiday websites and blogs.