What im going to do with my life

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By Jason Fehrenbach

What i would like to do is settle down find a home and share my life with this girl i have known for ever she alredy has a nefie and a son it all started out in the trailer park in romulus i knew her hole family forever they always treted me as one of there own it has been awile seces i have talked to her I ended up hurting this friend of mine pretty bad the night of or uncle sams funeral before i had new it i was so drunk i dint even grasp the concept of well shaving up a bite she told me that if i did we would go back to the apetment togther well my drunk self i started cusing her and my buddies old lady out before i new it ther we were fighting agin now the thing was i asked this girl if she wanted to get married instead of just randumling sleeping togther wow i dont know what happend

pretty much i told her i dint have the money to pay for anthoure child not that i would mind one the two she has are great they loved me alot when i was around she has bacicly taken care of my dumb self for the last well shes been looking out for me for a while shes great when we or i dont get drunk she was my best freind there for awhile and i still love her just the same all of them well the night this all started she and another friend of mine had informed me of you and richard i dont relly know if they new you or what but that night dispite all the hatefilled words turned out to be one of the better nights in my life it has gotten me to open up and do what im doing so jess if you want to get married still im still alive if not then let me or trish know if not i still want to thank you and b you guys are some of the best friends i have ever had love all you guys still you guys did good thanks well in the short end of this that was my plan settle down one day get married find some kind of work that dosent bet the crap out of me well what i would need to acoplish this goal is a place to live maybe a trunk some sort of tranprtation besides all the obious things i have a hunia alot of bad teeth almost all them a slite mental disorder my mind gets a little crazy somtimes hell maybe a phone my id social secrity card relly just the basics i can make my own money if i had truck i dont know maybe write a book about this crazy life of mine its been a wacky adventure its been fun though in the end i done this to my self agin i relly never have felt at home any were only lived in one dweling for over a year that lattested i think eight wasent much of a home more like a prison was grounded almost every week or day the out let ways work a nice home though that sounds pricless and my freinds and family back that would be great if not ill be alright hell if nothing eles i got about fortifive days sober well thank you guys love the world stop hatting it

Jason Fehrenbach

About Jason Fehrenbach

Jason, 29, homeless and Lost Detroit homeless writer TPEPost.com