Twitter Tips: Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask

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Courtesy of Huffington Post:

Twitter: so few characters, so much confusion.

Filled with “@” signs, “#” symbols, “RTs” and “MTs,” Twitter timelines can look like baffling algebra equations to those unfamiliar with the lingo. The differences between DMs and RTs are anything but obvious for newbies, while deciphering the limitations of “@replies” and the etiquette of hashtags presents its own host of challenges.

Though the microblogging service, which now claims over 100 million active users who send more than 230 million tweets per day, offers fewer bells and whistles than many other social networking sites, Twitter’s rules, features, tricks and exceptions can be bewildering — just ask Anthony Weiner.

We’ve put together a Twitter explainer that walks you through everything you always wanted to know about Twitter tools, but were afraid to ask.

Are there other things you just don’t get about Twitter? More features you find confusing? Tweet your Twitter headaches to @bbosker. For more on using Twitter, check out our guide to 23 tools to help you tweet like a pro, as well as our story on “Twitter 101″ for Twitter newbies.

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