Top 10 Spectacular Celebrity Kitchens

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By Jennie Reedy

In today’s world of celebrity buzz, we often hear about a star’s new projects, new loves and new scandals. Today, we’re going to take a new approach and hear about their amazing kitchens.

The first thing you will notice about the kitchen in musician and actor Justin Timberlake’s TriBeCa Condo is the restaurant-quality appliances. Hardwood floors and an 11-foot ceiling make the space appear roomy. Factor in the huge bay window and natural light and the room suddenly becomes larger than life.

Justin isn’t the only pop star with a kitchen to sing about. Lady Gaga rents a large house in Bel-Air and the gigantic gourmet kitchen doesn’t take away from its charm. The kitchen itself is pretty enough and offers more than enough storage space, but the real beauty of it comes in the gorgeous French doors that lead to an outdoor eating area overlooking the city of Los Angeles.

If you’re a fan of shiny things, actor Tracy Morgan has the kitchen for you. His Manhattan kitchen features stainless steel appliances, countertops and storage space. The bright atmosphere is perfect for cooking since stainless steel doesn’t wear down easily.

Though many rave about Spanish sensation Ricky Martin’s private beach, chefs swoon over his Golden Beach, FL home’s kitchen. Mixing a bit of Florida into Spanish decor, the kitchen’s vaulted brick ceiling and tile floors are home to state-of-the-art appliances. A large work island and custom cabinetry complete the look.

Musician Sheryl Crow knows that the magic of a kitchen isn’t only about appliances. Though the high-end equipment and ample counter space is nothing to scoff at in her Nashville home, the focal point of the room is the large fish tank that sits right in the center of the room. The wine refrigerator doesn’t hurt, either.

Hilary Duff recently started the perfect family and she has the perfect kitchen to go with it. Her Beverly Hills home centers around a pristine white space with a beautiful island, fancy wine rack and gorgeous glass cabinetry. A breakfast bar completes the charming space.

Nashville has more than one musician with a gorgeous kitchen. American Idol songstress Kelly Clarkson’skitchen may be deep green and yellow, but it works. The vaulted ceilings and dark wood floors give the color scheme a modern country elegance that the stone backsplash only adds to. Plenty of lighting and a large island for food preparation makes the space as convenient as it is pretty.

Kourtney Kardashian has made her way to bigger kitchens, but before she was “Mommy”, she was a girl that preferred quaint kitchens in Calasbasas, CA. Though small and simple, the reality star’s kitchen offered beautiful granite countertops. The marble bar that overlooked her elegant chandelier and large window opened the space up. A refrigerated wine closet beside the kitchen makes the space that much more inviting.

After 12 years, actress Winona Ryder is ready to pass on her kitchen to another loving owner. Her Hollywood Hills kitchen features an open air layout with exposed brick accents and hardwood floors. A marble island allows for plenty of functional space. The kitchen itself is large enough, but that doesn’t stop it from opening up to a gorgeous brick patio that is surrounded by a pristine pool and privacy hedges.

Pop star Kevin Jonas doesn’t just have an awesome career and beautiful wife. He has a pretty Texas kitchen. The spacious area features dark wood accents and hardwood floors. The open air concept shares space with the living and dining areas while a breakfast bar, island and ample storage keeps the room functional.


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Jennie is an interior designer living in Utah.  She recommends Perry Homes for their stylish and elegant array of new homes in Utah County.

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