The unleashing

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What are you holding in? What gifts are you suppressing? Why, would probably be a better question. Marianne Williamson penned it best in Our Greatest Fear, a beautiful expression about being a shrinking light, and the disservice it is to Self and humanity. That has always been an anchor writing for me, because it used to be the very behavior I exuded.

As spiritual beings, there is much that is “pre-installed” at birth. These gifts/talents/abilities are the very components that aid in the flow of the diversity of life. There are no two people alike on the planet, not even in the animal kingdom. These components (in my opinion) serve to keep us connected to our origin, our authenticity as spirit beings. This is where the disconnect has happened for many, but also where the unleashing takes place. These components are our unique signature which also carries a vibration. And when we operate in this vibration we connect with the planet and most importantly we connect with others that have made the choice to unleash their gifts/talents/abilities as well. The unifying of this vibration aids the planet by connecting with her energy centers thus keeping the planet in harmony.

So hide no more! Disguising yourself is over. Suppression done .Release yourself from doubt, judgment of others and Self, get out your comfort zone take risks,  create, love, discover and unleash more of  your authentic Self each day! Nothing is hidden anymore; this is true liberation…the freedom of Self.

Ask yourself;

What gifts/talents/abilities am I suppressing? Why?

Do I even know what my gifts/talents/abilities are?

What’s stopping me from unleashing my gifts/talents/abilities?

As you answer these questions allow your intuition /higher Self to assist you in gaining what’s needed to move forward in living your authentic life!

Below… I offer you a gift. A gift that was given to me by the universe as I was preparing this writing; a meditation/visualization exploration. Take a few minutes to get yourself ready, clear away all distractions, turn your cell phone off and place it in another room, and turn off all TV’s and radios. However you are more than welcome to softly play meditation music in the background. Lastly, have a journal and pen next to you to record your experience.

Light some incense and/or candles if you so desire.

Let’s begin…

Get somewhere quiet, somewhere you will be undisturbed for a few minutes.

Close your eyes

Take 3 deep breaths

  • Breath 1- Inhale…as you do SEE the word PEACE

Exhale…as you do SAY the word PEACE

  • Breath 2- Inhale…as you do SEE the word HARMONY

Exhale…as you do SAY the word HARMONY

  • Breath 3- Inhale…as you do SEE the word DOOR

Exhale… as you do SAY the word DOOR

 Visualize a door now walk through the door, in front of you there is a table, on this table are gifts beautifully wrapped. Some are different colors, different sizes and shapes, some sparkle, some shimmer. Walk up to the table and select 3 gifts. As you are making your selection carefully, feel the energy flowing from them, feel the re-connection the awakening taking place.

After you have made your selections give thanks to God/dess, Source, Allah, Universal Intelligence, Great Spirit, etc. Turn and walk back through the door. Now as you stand there with these 3 gifts listen to them and feel them. Allow intuition and your Higher Self to guide you in understanding what the gifts are. Now imagine them gradually becoming light, as you do see them being absorbed into your being. Where is this absorption taking place? Can you physically feel this happening? Are there any sounds? Any smells? Take a few minutes here…and when you are ready you may start the 3 closing breaths.

  • Breath 1- Inhale…as you do SEE the word GRATEFUL

Exhale…as you do SAY the word GRATEFUL

  • Breath 2- Inhale…as you do SEE the word ACCEPTANCE

Exhale…as you do SAY the word ACCEPTANCE

  • Breath 3- Inhale…as you do SEE the word READY

Exhale… as you do SAY the word READY

Whenever you are ready open your eyes take a few minutes to absorb your experience. A silent and conscious mind is extremely interesting. I strongly encourage you to journal this experience. Write how you felt, what you said, heard, smelled, etc.

Thank you for choosing to unleash your gifts/talents/abilities. You have done yourself, the planet and humanity a great service!


Nada Crystal

About Nada Crystal

Nada Crystal has been on a spiritual journey that has permanently changed her perception re: the awareness, understanding and respect of Self and the Reality. Nada has been called by some, a spiritual midwife, intuitive adviser, and a healer using the art of words. Her understanding of the woman’s influence, strength and abilities as the co-creators of all nations has also been deeply clarified and embraced through her personal trials and struggles on the path of embracing her authentic Self. Nada strives to teach women about gaining personal strength through self -empowerment. She is currently completing her first book and also the Founder/Guide of The Temple of She healing arts practice.