The 3 Deadliest Foods in America

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Courtesy of NewsMax

According to a newly-released, controversial video presentation, some of the most dangerous threats to your health are hiding in plain sight — right in your kitchen.

“Viewers will be shocked at what they see,” claims Travis Davis, Newsmax Health publisher. “That’s because these potentially lethal foods aren’t exotic or rare; they’re common items found in nearly everyone’s pantries and refrigerators.”

Davis continues, “I was personally surprised to see how easily and how often people have been slowly poisoning themselves and their families. I’m glad we’re getting the word out about these dangerous foods — so we can start to help educate the general public about them.”

These foods that can kill you are revealed in a special free video documentary called The Deadliest Foods in America, which can be viewed in its entirety by clicking here.

In The Deadliest Foods in America, leading medical and health experts from around the world discuss which foods people need to throw out immediately. “Believe me,” says Davis, “everyone who watches this video will want to throw something out.”

However, this free video documentary goes far beyond exposing these killer foods.

The Deadliest Foods in America uncovers the truth about the trillion-dollar, worldwide “sickness industry,” and exposes a growing body of scientific evidence proving that these deadly foods can cause cancer, heart disease, depression and other mental illness, obesity, and many other medical problems.

When it comes to Americans’ health and eating habits, the video reveals what works, what doesn’t, and what is, in fact, killing them. It will help people become more well-equipped to make healthy choices at the supermarket and in the kitchen.

Davis says this popular video report has now gone viral. “At first, people are curious, but then they become concerned. Of course, they initially watch because they want to know which foods are deadly, but then they quickly start forwarding the video to their friends and loved ones to warn them as well about the threats to their health.”

Editor’s Note: Find out about these 3 foods that could kill you — before they devastate your health. Click here now to watch this powerful free video.

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