Riff Raff

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(By Janine Folks-Edwards)

There are just some things God cannot and will not do when certain people are around.  We really need to watch who we surround ourselves with.  Some people can be a real hindrance to what God wants to do in our lives.

There are some people that who are not desirable to be associated with.  They are called ‘riff raff.’  Riff raff hangs around, not contributing anything.  They just hang around pretty much being idle, nosy, and in the way.  Some are like leaches who simply are there to suck up whatever they can get.

Remember in Mark 5, when Jesus learned that Jairus needed a miracle for his daughter? (v.36) She was presumed dead by the time Jesus got to the area and they told Him not to bother coming over.  Jesus decided to go to the house where the girl was and He was very selective about who He let go with them. He only allowed Peter, James and John to accompany Him (v.37).   The rest had to stay back.

When they arrived at the home of Jairus, people were gathered around crying and making a lot of noise (v.38).  It seems like some drama to me.  Just like riff raff to hang around being dramatic.  If they were so sad, I don’t know how when Jesus said the girl is not dead (v.39), they immediately burst into laughter.  The KJV says they laughed Him to scorn (v.40)! Wow! What an abrupt shift in demeanor.

So Jesus did what He had to do and put them all out (v.40). That left the girl’s parents and the three disciples that He chose to bring along.  Jesus took her hand and told her to get up, and that’s exactly what she did (v.42).  The riff raff were not privied to witness the miracle.  They saw the results of the miracle though.

Everybody cannot witness your miracle! Eventually, they will see the results.  You are going to have to send some people away so Jesus can do what He needs to do.  There are things He cannot do in the presence of riif raff.  Examine the company you keep.  Are they just hanging around making a lot of noise?  Keeping up drama? Would they laugh if it was suggested that you, your dream and your destiny are NOT dead?

Steal away. Go into your prayer closet in private. If you do, God said He will bless you openly (Mat.6:6).  Everybody cannot watch. Ask God to show you who to allow into your intimate inner circle. Not everyone is worthy. Just because we love everyone, does not mean we have to let everyone in close.

Identify riff raff and kindly ask them to be excused.

You need to get your miracle!


Janine Folks - Spiritual Columnist

About Janine Folks - Spiritual Columnist

Janine Folks is a licensed and ordained minister, inspirational writer of a weekly newspaper column, columnist for a national Christian magazine, self-published author of several books, and co-founder of a women’s prayer group called Women of Transition. Janine holds a B. A. in Liberal Studies with concentrations in Business, Sociology and Communications from the University of Michigan. Janine has studied Clinical Pastoral Education in Detroit, MI and works as a chaplain in the medical field. An avid roller skater, 2013 recipient of a Spirit of Esther Award from the Alliance of Women in Ministry, Janine lives in Michigan is a mother of three.