Prayers to heal inside and out

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It’s every parent and grandparent’s worst nightmare: a kid being a kid in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Little Nevaeh is only 16 months old, adorable, filled with wonder and awe and everything that makes little girls so sweet, including curiosity.  She could be anybody’s child.


It only takes a moment, micro-seconds really – when something goes wrong. The phone call comes in. You want to go back and re-wind. It can’t be. But it is.


Her once wispy brown hair is swathed in bandages that also cover her hands. She is hooked up to IV’s and monitors. She suffers from burns and it is just heart breaking. Nevaeh needs prayers, lots of prayers.


A few years ago, I would have never known this story. Her grandmother is a FaceBook friend.  While some call it “playing on the computer”, electronic bytes truly do connect us. Alone and scared, her grandmother shares the story that changed her life and that of her darling granddaughter. Well wishes and questions and prayers for healing pour through FaceBook.


Does God read FB? Apparently so. He has at least two FB pages, one as a public figure and another under “interest”. Those pages may do something for the contributors, but not for little Nevaeh (yes, her name is “Heaven” spelled backwards).


Neveah needs real prayers – more than the kind you silently say when you pass an accident or a see a hurt animal on the side of the road. You know that pit-of-your-stomach feeling? Just hit the ice and skidding out of control? Honest, needy prayer.


After the tears have dried, after hospital triage and pain management, and nursing staff and doctor rounds and treatment plans, there is quiet. So quiet. Can you imagine the sleepless nights for this family? All the “what if’s?”


So this is what I’m asking you to do: look at this cherubic little face and ask God to take away her pain and scars. Ask with every fiber in your very being. While you’ve got His attention, please ask for peace for this family, a moment of grace for them all. You see, when it seems as if we can’t “do” anything, we really can. We can pray.


Hospitals know the power of prayer. When patients with life-threatening surgeries were prayed for and during their operations, they healed faster and required less pain meds. The patients didn’t even know someone was praying for them. That’s the power of prayer.


Our bodies are amazing. We can heal by ourselves. Cut your finger and watch how blood trickles and clots. Before long, there is brand new skin. That’s God at work.


I believe God does listen to each prayer and is knitting her little body back together even as these words appear. She will be beautiful and jumping around all over again as if this was just a bad dream. Our God is a powerful God!


In the meantime, little Nevaeh does not know why she has to sleep in an unfamiliar hospital bed far away from her toys and family and her own room. She barely had time for her Christmas presents. Her inquisitive eyes look through bandages with hope and anticipation. It was a stupid, silly accident. It could have happened to anyone, but it was Nevaeh. Please, please, pray Nevaeh all the way though to full and complete healing, inside and out.


From her grandmother, Carole:

My Mother made this sign, as it hung on her Refrigerator, until she passed, & now hangs on mine.

LITTLE MISS NEVAEH is still on her JOURNEY to Recovery…. God IS hearing your Prayers My Dear Friends. But Prayers are still VERY MUCH NEEDED, not only for Her Recovery, but for Healing in the Family that is all Part of this Journey.

We, ARE in GREAT NEED of them, and I hope its NOT too much to ask, to continue your THOUGHTFUL gift of Prayer. I can’t begin to tell you how VERY MUCH IT MEANS. There are NO WORDS.

AND, I PROMISE YOU…. that you too are in MY Thoughts, and Prayers… and are such a VERY SPECIAL, and IMPORTANT part in this Journey, and in Healing MY HEART. Don’t leave me now, I NEED YOU. And I LOVE all of you. You could NEVER know how much. (((((((( HUGS )))))))))


Sherry Regiani

About Sherry Regiani

Sherry Regiani is a noted speaker on motivation and professionalism. Some of the recent talks include: "Tough Economy or Terrific Practice?" - "How to be Lucky" and "The Power of Optimism". Her background is in dental health and nutrition, and she works part-time for her husband, David, in their Holistic Dental Practice in Michigan. Sherry has served as a staff and guest writer for newspapers, newsletters and magazines for over 30 years.