Operation Marry Me Military: The wedding of a lifetime for America’s finest

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When I heard initially the commercials and saw the advertisement for it, I thought “Wow” that is so awesome! Our Military personnel and their families go through a lot for us (civilians) to literally have the right to “do and say” literally, whatever comes to mind!  This was born in North Carolina, where the world’s largest (USMC) Marine Corps Base; “Camp LeJeune” is. As well as “Fort Bragg” another very large military instillation – only for the U.S. Army. A variety of Sponsors are onboard and the list of those wanting to donate, sponsor and generally be supportive is  still growing!

“Operation Marry Me Military”…  was formally introduced to me by Mrs .Lynne Jones, of the  New Hanover County based L.J. Design Studio, LLC.  ( 910)599-8720 or (910)742-2463. The company is a professional Event Planning & Design company joint owned by Lynne Jones and Monica Rousseau, located in Wilmington, NC.

Email info@ljeventdesign.com

Website http://www.ljeventdesign.com

OMMM: The original brainchild of Alicia Geddings, an Oak Island resident, but is now shared with various NC state counties. To quote Geddings: Being the daughter of a former US Army serviceman, I felt compelled to give back. I knew that nothing I could offer would be grand enough or deserving enough for all that our military does for us. I contemplated day and night on how I could make at least a small difference in the lives of our military. Then it hit me! I was the owner of a thriving photography and wedding business, and I could at least assist a military member in starting their new life as a married couple. I felt I had no choice, I had to do it. Quickly, word spread like wildfire, and within a few days I had a $20,000 wedding donated to the unknown couple. Vendors from other counties started calling me, and within weeks, there were five weddings planned throughout the state of North Carolina. Keeping the vendors within your county is tricky, but it has brought together many competitors and formed bonds within our industry. I am honored that so many jumped on board to be apart of my vision. Each and every county has brought a sense of excitement, and it is amazing to see our industry come together. Brittany Adams Oniel of BAO events, summed it up best when she called me on the phone and simply said, I want to “give back to those who give all”. It was at this moment, her very words became our official slogan. I know it is only a small part that I am doing, but I hope that I can make a special memory for those deserving much more than a wedding

“Giving back, to those who give all!”

“Operation Marry Me Military”…  Here is the official scoop!

It is a chance for active Military persons to win a FREE wedding. The wedding will take
place in North Carolina on Veterans Day November 11, 2012.  Many local vendors are
contributing and once it is all said and done, it will be well over a $20,000 value!!

Print off our entry form under the APPLICATIONS tab and mail us your story! Include
why you think that you deserve a free beach wedding. Be sure to include some
photos of you two! Mail to: 5008-1 East Oak Island Drive Oak Island, NC 28465. All
photos will not be returned.

All entries must be received by July 30, 2012. Winners will be selected on August 15,
2012 and notified this day. The winner will be posted on the website. The winner will
be married on Veterans Day in NC. (No exceptions) This wedding is for up to 50 guests
ONLY. This is non transferable. WINNERS MUST be able to stay  November 10 -
November 13, 2012. Alicia Geddings is the owner of Oak Island Photograph & Weddings, she can be reached at: (910) 538-6589 Lynne Jones can be reached at:
910.599.8720 or 910.742.246 Also see www.operationmmm.com and www.Operationmarrymemilitarynhc.blogspot.com

Deborah A. Culp (TPEPost.com Contributing Writer)

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